Hello my dearest Lovelies. Boy have I missed you all bunches! Luckily I have been able to keep up with most of your treatment updates, pregnancy joys and anxieties, adoption processes and sluttings around town. Just writing that makes me smile. I am so blessed to have found such a great community of women. And such a DIVERSE one too! Love it, love it, love it! Anyway, since I called into my night job this evening, I thought it was about time I actually make time to check in with everyone. Since it has been *gasp* far too long (I don’t even want to acknowledge the actual amount of time) since my last update, I’m gonna do the bullet-style thing. In categories. 😉

  • Pre-Restart-Baby-Making Life
    • Marathon Training
      • Shin splints…
        • …are in the past! Woohoo! I am still terrified of them so I’m running with compression sleeves most days and compression socks for my long runs
        • I’ve also seen a podiatrist and rush-ordered (a few weeks vs. TWO MONTHS!) my new orthodics. My problem is my high, flexible arch apparently.
        • And below is a picture of my lovely new running shoes, specifically made for runners how over-pronate and heel-strike (Google the terms if you are dying to know what these are, but they’re really not that exciting) like I do. Oh how I love Asics! It’s like I’m running/walking on a cloud and have started wearing them all.the.time. Well, except at work and on the Strip in Vegas after a lot of snorts and disgusted, “NO Stork Chaser!” comments from my girlfriends lol! But more on that later. 😉
    • Weekly mileage…
      • …is steadily improving, even though it was VERY frustrating in the beginning
        • 1st week back, my “long run” was 4 miles
        • 2nd week back, my “long run” was 7.5 miles
        • 3rd week back (this week), I ran 8 miles for my longer mid-week run and I’m hoping to run 12 miles over the weekend.
    • Cross-training Days
      • We went for 20+ mile a bike ride with some friends this past weekend and it was so much fun. Plus, a crazy good workout for my legs and tiny ass. We’re planning to do this most Sundays and increase our mileage (and the size of my rump) each week. 🙂
  • Healthy Weight Loss and Overall Fit Body
    • After struggling for years to maintain a healthy body weight and lifestyle, Hubster and I have found our solution!
      • Exercise program that requires intense workouts 5 days/per week (marathon training for me & p90x for him)
      • The Fast Diet (5:2)
        • This diet is the newest craze and comes from London(?)- my British friends, have you heard of this?!
          • The idea is that you eat whatever you want 5 days/week and fast (women are limited to 500 calories for the day, men 600) two days per week. It’s totally not hard and has actually helped cut my cravings for fats, sweets and salty foods. It has also reduced my portion size (no more eating a whole pizza by myself!) and helped me increase my water intake. I dropped over 6 lbs in the last 3 weeks and that was included the first two weeks of “splurging” on non-fast days.
    • UHMAZING! Male strip club (SO fun!), dancing at Marquee and watched Le Reve, my first Cirque du Soleil show and first ever Vegas show! We also spent one day shopping on the strip (this is when I wanted to wear my blessed new running shoes) and the next walking up and down the strip for St. Patty’s Day. FUN TIMES with 3 girlfriends!!
  • Sexytime
    • Hubster is insatiable – and so am I! :):)
  • Living Life Not TTC Random Stuff
    • I’m working a 2nd job to pay off our massive debt in case we need to one day look at the options of IVF or international adoptions. This helps my anxiety about our unknown future. It’s about 22.5 hours/week, but is temporary and only lasts until mid-June. I can do this.
    • HAPPY HOURS! We go whenever we want and I get to drink at all of them!!!
    • Country summer!!! I’m a city girl and always will be, but I love country music. I have never been to a country music concert and pointed out how unfair that is considering we go to every.damn.show Hubster wants to go to and now we’re going. I have tix for 4 shows this summer & fall. And there will be (spiked) beer in my hand.
  • Ute Update
    • It was a polyp!!!!! Do you know what this means?! It means that I might actually get pregnant and carry to term as soon as we start trying again! When you have a cervical polyp, your white blood cells increase and attack every foreign body in the area. That means most of the sperm and any embryos made did not stand a chance. In fact 60% of people who did IUI after polyp removal got pregnant the first month. THIS IS SUCH EXCITING NEWS PEOPLE!
    • So exciting in fact, that it makes it hard for me to not try right now. Oh how I want to try. I want to be a mom right this freaking second. But I keep reminding myself that May (the month we’re going to start trying naturally) is almost here and I don’t want to put myself in the position to have to decide whether or not I run the marathon if I did end up getting pregnant.

If you made it to the end, thanks for hanging in there! I’m going to schedule time every Sunday morning to update. And hopefully I’ll have a riveting post to write about my FIRST BLOGAVERSARY, the next long run, my belated anniversary weekend in Lake Tahoe starting on Sunday and the bridal shower & bachelorette party I’m throwing for my sister next weekend!

And without further ado….my Asics GT2000


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  1. That’s a lot of stuff you’ve been up to! I hope you continue to enjoy your running, especially with your new shoes. I¨ve been thinking about starting to run, but that is about as far as I have gotten as we still have snow and ice on the ground and I’m such a clutz that I slip on the ice while walking.

    Very exciting on the ute and TTC front. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! May is definitely not far off now.

  2. Wow! What a fun time you’re having! SO hoping that the polyp removal is all that’s needed to make your dreams come true. May isn’t far off, my beautiful friend!

  3. I know that feeling of finally getting an answer. I hope this polyp removal will make it a breeze for you both this time around. Dare I say how envious I am of all you are doing….sounds amazing!!!!

  4. Oh, friend! You are doing absolutely amazing! I’m so glad they found the polyp and I’m so glad it was a quick fix. Fingers crossed it results in a healthy baby snuggling in for the long haul in May! This post makes me so happy that I can’t stop smiling!

  5. Ha—I’m assuming “sluttings around town” refers to me??? If so, I effing LOVE it!! And hooray for polyps!! May will be here before you know it. We need to catch up soon. xoxo

  6. Hey gorgeous! I missssed you!

    Yay for overall healthiness. And again, if you feel it will help, I AM willing to have you run while pushing me in a wheel barrow.

    I juuuuust read about that diet somewhere…. Do you feel okay on the two 500 calorie days??

    • I actually feel really good. It’s weird how much better you feel overall. Although I did feel a little sluggish running 4 miles yesterday (a fast day) so when I bump up to 5 miles on fast days, i’ll probably consume 700 calories instead. 🙂

  7. I love aisics too for running! So glad you were able to get back into the routine. When is the marathon again?
    Here’s to a fabulous marathon and that that polyup removal brings you motherhood!!

  8. Awesome work, lady! not sure how I’d go with fast days… i think I consume at least 500 in cups of tea each day… and I kind of wish I had one of those personal assistants who could count all the calories in everything so I didn’t have to add up so much!

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