Monthly Check-In

I’m failing miserably at posting and commenting, but I am still reading. PROMISE!

Since I was last here, Hubster and I went to Lake Tahoe for a weekend getaway. It was wonderful. We used the money from my second job to eat, gamble and drink all weekend. It was good times with the hubby in a beautiful town.

The next weekend I threw my sister her bridal shower and short bachelorette party in San Diego. That’s about 8 hours from my home. It was rough, busy exhausting and WONDERFUL. For her bachelorette, we did an in-home wine tasting and about 2 hours after that was over, her hubby-t0-be came back with his friends to hang out. Since I had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep the previous night and had a long run to do the next day, I promptly excused myself and left before 11:30pm.

I ran 16 HILLY miles in 2:29!!!! What?! That’s crazy! I walked and stretched for a few mins at mile 12.4 and all of a sudden it was over! That’s the furthest I have ever run without stopping. I felt good for the first few miles and then it got hard once I hit the hills. It was a huge mental game I had to play with myself. Eventually it flattened out at about 6 miles, but I was no longer running along the ocean, it was through a small town. But it was amazing at my turnaround point. I was so proud that I had run 8 miles through the hills so well. And I was excited because the hills on the way back had longer downhills than up. I didn’t hurt at all and just kept trucking on. I passed a bar and a guy outside yelled for me to come in for some vodka (?!) and I yelled back, “I wish!” but instantly realized I didn’t. Running was way better than drinking. WHAT?!?!?

Let’s see…my midweek long run was AMAZING. I finished 9 miles in 1:20. Before work! I hurt until about 4 miles and then I feel like I got loosened up and just ran. I needed to warm up better.

The next weekend was this past weekend. My poor friend is almost 23 weeks pregnant and found out at 21 1/2 weeks that she has an incompetent cervix. Her cervix was reeeally short. She was scheduled to have stitches put in but had contractions that morning so she wasn’t able to. Now she’s on strict bedrest and I kept her company last weekend. Hubster and I brought over food that would last them a few days and my friend and I practiced knitting so she would have something to do all day.

I also did my 18 miles. It was rough, people. I went with a friend and we walked way too much. I felt really good until about 14 miles and I pretty much started dying. At 16, I took off and ran on my own for the last two and made up some time.

I have been rolling on my foam roller everyday now, sometimes twice a day. I’m going to acupuncture for my tight muscles (and the usual stuff) and will start doing a short 1-2 mile jog before running and hopefully 14 will be easy this weekend. I’ve also decided to schedule more times for my runs so I din’t feel like I need to rush my stretching and warming up.

Lastly, here’s my Ute Update:

I’ve been taking my DHEA and Inositol (in the Pregnitude) and I’m fairly certain I ovulated, people!!!! I had the cramping on my left side and a sharp intense pain, followed by barely any pain at all. Then I had some slight bloating over the next two days. And since I have been uber emotional and HOT. Lord, my body temp has been terrible. Oh and my gas is really bad again. Hubster says it’s not as bad as when I was on Clomid, but it’s getting there lol. And I can’t wait to start trying again. I’m excited to start trying. Crazy, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Monthly Check-In

  1. You sound so happy! This post made me smile a lot. I wish I could have seen you during this trip to your area I’m but, like you said, we’ll have to do it next time! 🙂 Hugs, friend!

  2. Congrats on those long runs! I remember how great they can feel even though other people think we’re nuts!! Can’t wait to hear about the race itself!

  3. First, you sound so happy here. It seems your time spent running is really, really good for your soul. Also, those runs are insane! I’m so super proud! The Pregnitude made me ovulate – she who has likely never ovulated on her own – within a month. It is serious business for us PCOS ladies and I’m so so so glad it is working for you. xoxo

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