Sunday Check In

Woooop! I did it lol!!!

Ok so yesterday I started acupuncture again (mostly for my tight IT Band), but at a different clinic because I can only make Saturday appointments and my previous acupuncturist doesn’t offer those. She was great. She offered to call my old one and discuss the pokes he did and she REQUIRES herbs to treat infertility. Yay! I’m excited to do the herbs. And my IT Band felt loose yesterday and wasn’t too painful on my long run today.

Speaking of my long run, it sucked major arse. Because of our night out last night, I slept too late and started my run after 10am. Currently we’re having really nice, but warm, weather and by the time I started running it was 74 degrees out. Under the direct sunlight, this was awful. I hydrated a ton and was fortunate to run through shade a bunch, but I was still feeling a heatstroke coming and stopped at 13.1. I was scheduled for 14, but knew it was unwise to finish it out. My time was 2:12. I am so disappointed and my confidence for an excellent marathon has been shot again.

But we’ll see how my 20-miles goes next weekend. I also didn’t do my midweek long run so now I know that I have to do every training run this week, start running by 6:30am on my long run and NO Gu. That’s giving me the runs so I’m following Nancy Clark’s advice in her marathin nutrition book I wisely purchased. I’ll take some swedish fish with me and a slushy coca cola instead of Accelerade. It sounds crazy, but I really want to avoid those d@mn nasty port-a-potties!!!!

Last night Hubster and I went to a show and it was Except or some weirdness that happened after having two rum and cokes. I got really really and started sweating. I wondered if it was because I drank too much and I was gonna have to yak, but I wasn’t nauseous. Then my eyes started twitching and closing involuntarily. WHAT.THE.HECK?!? I felt really faint at that point and thought I was going to black out. I found made a seat for myself and sat for a few minutes. Once I felt better my stomach started going crazy (been pooping like CRAZY for two days – weirs but generally good for this normally constipated gal) so I went to the bathroom and had big D right there in the club. Then I went outside and started feeling so much better that I shook my body for almost the Foals’ entire set! We decided to move from under the vent and get closer but immediately I got hot and really sweaty and started feeling faint again. So we left right before there encore. This has never ever happened to me. Any ideas? Should I see a doctor or was it just the combo of my increased body heat (normal post-ov symptom for me) and the liquor???

And I keep wondering if I got pregnant. We didn’t even really have sex before I ovulated. Just one quickie with no finish because it was in the middle of the night and we were both half asleep lol!!! I can’t believe TWWs can still be this anxiety-ridden when you’re not even trying!

Anyway, thanks for all the love and yes, I am really happy right now. This break was exactly what my mind, body and spirit needed.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Check In

  1. That sounds very much like a panic attack, ever had one before? Mine are similar, getting hot and sweaty and feeling like I’m going to throw up then a mad dash to get to the loo before my belly explodes out my butt. My panic attacks mostly come on when I’m very relaxed, which you probably would be after a couple of drinks. Worth asking your doctor about. And awesome work on the running! My heels are giving me hell at the moment and I’m off to the physio again.

  2. I’ve had the same thing happen to me before. I always attributed it to being overheated. There’s no medical backing to that though. It’s just always happened when I’ve been hot or in an enclosed area with lots of people giving off body heat. If I sit down until it passes I’m okay after that. Maybe you should mention it to your doctor at your next checkup though.

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