Infertility Anger and Green-Eyed-Monster Is Back

Yes, along with PMS, comes all the old feelings I haven’t missed these last few months. Even though one more (total is now 4!) friend is now pregnant, I didn’t get really upset until this morning. Hubster informed me that his coworker (the fiance of one of our old coworkers who is a major D.B.) is preggo with twins. We were previously told by him that she was unable to get pregnant on their own, so we knew it was IVF. Good for them, right?

Nope, apparently not. I was so upset. I was upset because the D.B. is STILL being a major one. Acting like he’s not excited for the babies. I angered me because my amazing husband would kill for a baby. Heck as crazy as carrying and having twins are, my hubby wants twins!! He is so ready and would make the most amazing dad. He is so loving, kind, smart, is not afraid to try soothing a crying baby and not only does he ask questions, he readily accepts advice!

Plus his heart is completely ready to welcome and love a child.


8 thoughts on “Infertility Anger and Green-Eyed-Monster Is Back

  1. Ugh that sucks. I know what you mean about feeling like you should be happy for them but not feeling that way at all. Struggling does not cancel out douche-baggery.

  2. There is literally nothing more galling than asshats who don’t seem to appreciate what they have. My husband worked with a woman who went on and on about how she was so glad she was back at work and didn’t have to spend all day with an infant anymore (a ten week old infant). It made me spit knives.

    I am not sure the green eyed monster ever goes away. I told a very close friend of mine, who has one son, conceived the month they started trying, about our pregnancy and she happily announced we would be pregnant together. Once again, after a month of trying they were up the duff. All I felt was bad and unhelpful feelings about this. Firstly, this was my moment, my two years in the making and much heartbreak suffered moment. I do not want to share this and see her easy pregnancy blossom along side my hard one one. Is that a terrible thing to think? And then my infertile soul stung to know how easy it all was for them. Just like deciding to buy a new sofa set, bam, baby on the way. The worst feeling was, oh god, what if this goes wrong for us, there will be a bump and then a baby to watch grow while I once again have nothing. I am not proud to think and feel these things, but I accept that that is where my head is.

    I am sorry you have to put up with such douchbaggery.

  3. Oh, god. There is nothing worse than someone who has been given a gift and shows no gratitude for it. I’m sorry you have to deal with that, especially when you and your hubby are so deserving of such a gift. Hugs to you!

  4. Sucks when that shit happens. I’ve been there. A close friend of mine got pregnant on the first try and they were really wishy washy about having children int he first place. Made things rough for awhile. HUGS.

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