Update in pictures

PMS and really tight muscles meant almost no runs this week. On Monday I pretty much couldn’t walk until I iced my left leg and took Motrin all morning. I managed a 2.5 mile run on Wednesday and nothing else until my long run on Saturday.


It was amazing you guys! The weather was crisp and cool, there was a crew competition within earshot (the starting horn, spectator cheering and counting by the leader person in the boats were SO exciting that I took my earbuds out of my ears to hear it all) and I had such beautiful scenery that I didn’t start to feel tired at all until 11 miles in! But I wanted to beat my last half mary (13.1 miles) time so I kept running. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to actually look at my time until 12.5 miles and couldn’t do it. I was almost 2 mins slower. Such a bummer until I reminded myself that I still had 7 miles to go and to calm down lol. The rest of the run got harder and slower. I ended up stretching and walking for about 30 seconds every 2 miles. Needless to say, I was a little frustrated when I hit 20 miles at 3 hrs and 25 mins. I was hoping to finish in 3 hrs. Then I saw my pace and realized that I actually kind of kicked ass. And then I was SO.FREAKING.EXCITED!!!

The rest of the day I spent the day on the couch. Well, I got up every 30-45 mins and walked around and stretched so my legs wouldn’t tighten up again. But I was exhausted by 6 pm. So…


Today was much better. We cleaned and ran errands this morning, then relaxed under the misters on our patio


for about 3 hours!!! Haha! Finally I got up and prepped this week’s meals


Summer veggie medley, mini omelets, Mediterranean “pasta” and spaghetti squash casserole.

Our house is still a mess, but since I don’t have to cook after work and I’m not working my second job for a month, I’ll do one chore each night. Plus sticking to my workout schedule. That’s good enough for me. I’ve decided that weekends are meant for relaxing!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

12 thoughts on “Update in pictures

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY you go girl on that long run!!
    A few words to the wise as you prepare for race day. Obviously you can take or leave these bits of advice.
    On race day, do not try to beat a previous race pace (i.e. half marathon). You will still need the energy to finish the other half and to be nearly worn out with 10 miles to go would SUCK. If anything, try to run the first half the of the race a bit slower. It is better to have the energy to rock it at the end than to rock the first half and make the second half painful. Trust me.
    Take a couple ibproufen/advil before the race. At some point your muscles are going to start to hurt. This always took the edge off for me a bit. (I forgot during the second one and was hurting so bad – though I may have pushed myself a bit too hard – ahem, that I literally spent the last two or so miles counting my steps from 1-100 over and over again in order to distract myself).
    Be prepared to hit a wall – I’ve found I hit a first smaller wall around 14-15 miles and then the big one around mile 20-22. The big wall – there’s no way around it. It freaking sucks. But you will get through it.
    Bring things to snack on. I’m not a fan of those Gu things but I like the Jelly belly sport beans. Though most marathons will have food at the stops. Whether you carry it or stop at the water stops, make sure you eat!!!
    Its your first marathon so don’t worry about your time too much, just focus on staying steady and finishing.
    You got this!

    • hahaha yeah it is! That patio rocks. Well, more now so since Hubster put the mister in!!!

      The “pasta” is actually spaghetti squash. I also put diced zucchini and summer squash in it. Very healthy, VERY delish.

  2. #1 you rule!!!!!
    #2 recipes please!
    #3 this trick always works wonders for soreness and lactic acid build up in your legs after a long run (especially after the marathon! ) Get a big bag of ice. Dump it in the bathtub and fill with cold water. Sit in this (covering your legs) for 10 mins (the day you get home from the long run). It sucks. Then drain the bath and fill with hot water. Soak in this immediately. It constricts and then dilates your blood vessels and drains the lactic acid out of your legs. I did this after one marathon and barely had leg soreness the next day !

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