I’m sick

Crap. Two from my first marathon and I’m sick.  Not to mention the fact that we were getting back to TTC this cycle and I should be ovulating soon if my supplements regiment works again this month. But guess who doesn’t feel particularly sexy when she’s sick? And this person also feels unattractive lately because she hasn’t worked out much this week due to AF, allergies, asthma issues and now a cold.

Oh and attending our nephew’s first bday party with a bunch of babies while still not pregnant, a mom or even trying right yet!

I’m in a funk. Hopefully I’ll feel better after this rant and will get some quality runs in this week.

Love you all.

6 thoughts on “I’m sick

  1. I’m so sorry, friend! Being sick sucks! I’m hoping you recover soon and get back into the groove before the big race!

  2. Did you get better? When’s the run? I’m SO PROUD of how far you’ve come with this running. It’s AMAZING Steph. And I mean all the capital letters herein.

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