More Marathoning in My Immediate Future…

I still have to post my marathon reflection, but I decided to skip it for now and catch you up on the haps in my life first. Oh and I figured out what happened to my quick update when the marathon was over…I made it a page, not a post. lol! Here’s the link:

So basically this was our first month back at TTC and we were SO stoked. I had been ovulating (I’m pretty sure because of the intense pain lol) for the last couple of months so I kept up my supplement regiment (Inositol, DHEA, Prental and Thyroid supplement for borderline hypothyroid) and we started planning our sexytimes. When my period arrived a day late, we looked at the calendar and realized that I would ovulate the one day I would be down in SoCal and away from my husband. Ugh! We did our thang on CD 6 & 7 and attempted on CD9 with no luck. Sure enough at 9am I ovulate on CD 10 and Hubster didn’t join me until about 12:30am. And what’s worse is we had to sleep on the sofa bed with my cousins on an air mattress next to us in my parents’ vacation condo. So now last ditch effort was made. Plus, I noticed my CM never thinned out or changed to the EWCM. So any early swimmers that were left in there probably got killed off by my body! Ugh.

This was around the time that I had debated and then wrote off entering the lottery for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. I honestly thought I would probably be pregnant by October 20th. Maybe that was from Stupid Stork’s awesome epiphany that we would get pregnant together? lol! But once I realized all hope was probably lost for this cycle, I entered that lottery as soon as I could on June 3rd. I decided I’m just going for it and if I get pregnant I can s.e.ll my nu.mber or something. But in the meantime, being excited for the possibility of such an awesome marathon is numbing the pain of another lost cycle a little bit.

Also, the possibility of running another marathon this fall is keeping me running. I think the hardest part of marathoning for me has become the part where I keep running after the goal has been achieved lol. In the last 3 weeks since the marathon, I have only run 4 times with a total of 8.51 miles. Yikes! Also, the impending appetite surge I experience before my period starts is motivating me to keep running haha! Once I start losing steam in a weight loss journey, I spend about two weeks beating myself up and then spend about 3 weeks getting my weight back to a downward slope.

Right now it’s been a week since the wedding and I’m 10dpo. You all know what this means? I wanna POAS. I had no desire to yesterday or today, but all of a sudden Hubster decided I’m probably pregnant. He’s ridiculously optimistic when he should be and all doom and gloom when I need him to be positive. So of course this month, when every odd was stacked against us, he is certain I’m pregnant. And that puts the “maybe I am…” thought in my head which makes me want to pee in the morning, at 11dpo, just like every month.

I’m also going through a selfish phase. I don’t want to deal with anyone’s pregnancies right now. So those of you who are prego – you have my love and support and I say a prayer for you daily. But I can’t deal right now. With three pregnant friends and a new member of the Miscarriage Club IRL, I have too much to deal with emotionally right now. I still have all your posts marked in my email to read later when I can handle it, but please know that as soon as the summer of baby showers and birthdays and the fall of births are over, I will be back and fully committed to your bumps and babies!!! I really do care about you and am not the least bit bitter. It’s just too much so I need to do my “ignoring thing” right now.

Oh and my marathon reflection will be up by this weekend. PROMISE!!!

8 thoughts on “More Marathoning in My Immediate Future…

  1. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this cycle! I also totally understand needing to back away from the bumps for a little while. I’ve had to do that more than once. Take all the time you need. Can’t wait to read your marathon reflection!

  2. I really hope that you have to sell your number!! But first I really want to hear about how your marathon went!!

    Don’t apologize about needing to step away from pregnancy posts- you need to do whatever you feel keeps you sane.

    Oh, and as requested, I added a “follow by email” feature on my blog. 🙂

  3. Training for another marathon will get you more into running again – not just for obvious reasons but because you’ll probably want to try to beat your old time 🙂
    One day we’ll have to run one together!

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