Marathon talk and my oldest furbaby

So. I got in!!!! The Nike Womens Marathon is a great event and I’ve always heard wonderful things about it so after successfully completing my first full marathon, I decided to give it a shot. Ha I act like it was an easy decision, but I pretty much waited until the day the lottery opened to decide. And once I decided I was in, I got SO excited!!!

You guys, I have accomplished a great many things in my life and I’m proud of myself. But the feeling you get after completing a freaking marathon is the most intense pride ever. And doing that alongside 30,000 women is like the best dark chocolate/brownie/fudgesicle icing on the cake. I am a huge feminist and knowing that our society has conditioned women to compete with each other and break each other down infuriates me. So this. This is wonderful. To have women together encouraging each other, supporting each other and running alongside each other is such a wonderful event and an amazing movement for sisterhood. I want to be a part of that.

So I’m training. I missed my first two days because I was on my period and a freaking slug. But I completed my last 4 days of week 1 and I feel good. Strong. Excited! I think now that I know what to expect and learned so many lessons, I am just pumped.

Now onto my baby. She has stones in her bladder. Totally the weirdest thing ever right? Well apparently it happens and we didn’t realize something was wrong so 3 of them are giant. Almost golfball sized. I feel so awful for her. So my Princess is having surgery on Monday. Until then we are monitoring her potties to make sure she’s still urinating and one of the stones isn’t causing a blockage.

So how did this start? Well Hubster is an overprotective father and watches them do their business often. One day he noticed that one of the babies was squatting for a really long time and not a whole lot of pee was coming out. And that, apparently, was stones.

So we were scheduled for a family trip to LA but Hubster and I decided it was best to stay with our little one. And for a canceled weekend away we are pretty semi-busy this weekend! I had dinner with a friend and a running date with another friend last night, another running date this morning, lunch with girlfriends and a baby shower and family dinner tomorrow!

And as if the $2000 were spending in vet bills aren’t enough, we just received a $600 bill from our clinic for every visit and procedure that has been done for the last year and a half! Wth? And we have to wait til Monday to call about it. Ugh. If it’s not one thing in this life it’s another!

3 thoughts on “Marathon talk and my oldest furbaby

  1. I can’t wait to hear more about the marathon. I have fleeting thoughts that I would love to run it someday. Who knows I have to get through this half first. I’m curious what you do for water/fuel on long runs. I’m just starting to get to a mileage where this is going to be an issue and I’m not sure where to start. Any tips?

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