Surgery Update & a Surprise

Please note this post was started at about 10pm on Monday, but I fell asleep and just realized it was never completed lol! Here goes:

Baby girl is home and completely miserable. She’s still out of it and lays on her bed whining. It’s breaking my heart. We have her gated off in our bedroom and the two younger dogs are dying without her. I’m exhausted and have been ready for bed since about 8pm. I sat with her in our room for over an hour and I think all the waiting and worrying caught up with me. As soon as she eats and gets her meds, off to bed I go!

This morning I got dressed and brought my armband and headphones with me to the vet so I could run off the anxiety I knew I would be feeling. But as soon as she was taken to the back, my tummy started rumbling. I had a serious BM forming. As I drove, my stomach calmed down so I headed to the park. I didn’t feel like running but I was so anxious and I knew it would help me clear my head and calm my nerves if I ran. But when I parked my car, the rumbling started again and was even more urgent. So I drove home.

And sat on the toilet for over 30 mins. My stomach just wouldn’t calm down. I felt terrible listening to the youngest dog cry and cry while looking for his big sister and I was stuck glued to the toilet seat. Eventually my stomach calmed down and I went about my day. I met my SIL at the park and played with our nephew, cleaned the kitchen and crushed a LOT of candy. Candy Crush is definitely good for distraction. I got a call at about 1 pm saying they were really behind and hadn’t started surgery yet. Ugh! She was supposed to be out of surgery 2 hours prior!

Finally I got the call saying she was done and recovering well. I had to wait a few more hours before they would let us pick her up. When we did we received a very thorough debrief and learned how they preform a cystotomy and what comes next. They sent a sample of the bladder stones to the university vet hospital where they will test and culture to determine the exact type of stone she had, as well as the best protocol to keep them from recurring. If they determine a diet change is necessary, they’ll also provide meal plans. Can you believe all this is for a dog? Lol!

Anyway, as of today, Thursday, baby girl is getting better. She charges through whatever obstacles come up with her cone and loves all of the extra love she is getting. She gets really upset and frustrated that she is unable to lick her staples, but thankfully they’ll be gone in another week. And she is now peeing a steady stream! Yaaay! But Hubster and I can’t wait until there’s no more pain meds and antibiotics to give her!

Oh and I got my marathon tattoos!!!!! I’ll get my infertility/loss one after my next marathon. I’m also going to have 2 flowers put under the “26.2” at that time and will add a flower for each marathon I run. And without further ado, here they are:

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Surgery Update & a Surprise

  1. I’m glad surgery went well. Having been through two recent surgeries on our older dog, it is heartbreaking when they are whining and miserable and you can’t do anything about it. I hope she heals quickly!

  2. I love the tattoos! I also love the idea of adding flowers for each marathon. I hope you have an amazing garden. Do you think you will do different flowers for each one?

    I hope your pup feels better soon… ❤

  3. Love the tattoos and I am so glad baby girl is ok. When Meg ate the post and was in overnight at the vets I thought my heart was breaking so I know how utterly scary that can be.

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