I’m the Unluckiest Lucky Woman You’ve Ever Met

Hello my lovely bloggy friends. I hope you all are well! I am hanging in there even though life has decided to completely puke it’s guts out all over us. Day after day it’s like the Universe decides we haven’t had enough bullshit, stress and disappointment in our ridiculously chaotic lives so it must throw us some more! Don’t get me wrong, we live incredibly blessed lives, I know. It just sucks to have so.much.cray on a daily basis. I guess I’m kind of just used to it now…or this is the calm before my psychotic breakdown?

Ok so you’re all up to speed on my poor furbaby recovering from bladder stone surgery right? Well it’s been about two weeks and she’s healing up nicely. Her stones were deemed UTI-born, the staples were removed on Monday and she has a follow up urine test tomorrow. The good news in all of this is that she is probably just one of those dogs prone to UTIs so we have to be careful about her water intake (or lack thereof because she is the MOST finicky of all God’s creatures) and bring her in for random drug tests regular urine tests to make sure she didn’t get another infection. I know you’re probably wondering how this is a good thing, am I right? Well, the alternative is that her body just naturally produces stones and we would have to change her pH with diet. That.would.be.disasterous.

As I mentioned, she is a very finicky girl. The border collie and German shepherd in her make eating dry food out of a bowl in her crate at specific times just too mundane of an act for a lady of her intelligence. But we’re SO over catering to her craziness. (sidenote – we have fed her actual home cooked meals that she eventually gets bored of, as well as had to play hide ‘n seek with her food, put it in treat balls that she has to work to get to, hand fed her and left the food in a pile on the freaking floor all in an attempt to get her to eat. She enjoyed all of those methods for about 3-4 feedings and then tired of them.) Plus having two other dogs, 1 of whom is a fat little piggy (no joke, she looks like a potbelly pig if you squint) and will eat everyone else’s food (because they let her) if she has access to it, makes catering to her Royal Highness just too stressful. So in order to monitor their eating they eat 2 meals a day in their crates. But I digress.

A specific diet for only Queen Bee was our worst nightmare and luckily we now won’t have to worry about that so we’re relieved. But also, we’re a little overwhelmed at the thought of quarterly vet visits so there you go. Oh and she’ll be out of the cone tomorrow. HOORAY! No more special feedings (much too difficult to eat in a crate with a lampshade around your neck), sleeping in med with us every.damn.night and they can roam the house and backyard freely again (Miss Thang can’t fit through the doggy door with aforementioned lampshade)!!!

But while the semi-good news came, we got devastating news that a friend of Hubster’s passed away. Apparently he committed suicide over the weekend. We don’t know anything other than there was a really vague text to a friend and his family found him the next day. Suicide always leaves you with SO many questions, but since we don’t know anything else than what I told you, I think it’s harder for all the friends. The funeral is on Friday so we will have a rough few days.

On top of the funeral coming up, so is my sister and 6 y/o nephew. They arrive at our house from Southern California tomorrow evening. YAY!!! I’m excited to see them but have had no time between all the crap going on in our life and my marathon training I have had no time to get ready. We’re cleaning the house AND grocery shopping tonight. And I have a board meeting to attend (yes, I am awesome and sit on the board of a small nonprofit) tonight as well. Good thing it’s Rest Day for training!!! We’ll have my nephew pretty much every day for a week and I still haven’t finished planning our activities yet. Yikes! But oh well, I guess.

And as if that’s not enough, I’m trying to PR in this upcoming marathon so even in Week 4 I am running a shitload of miles. This week totals 42!! Running plus weightlifting makes my daily workouts about 2 hours. It feels so damn good but omg who has time for this?!?

And today is 14 dpo. AF usually arrives between 9-2pm and at 3:28pm she has still not shown. I’m hoping a miracle happened, but I’m not holding my breath. Who am I kidding? I’m seriously freaking the fuck out. Luckily I’m too busy tonight to continue said freakout for long.

Oh and did I ever tell you about Cheri, the psychic? I can’t remember! Well I did that baby psychic thing last year and when I looked back at my reading I was told July and May were my conception/+HPT/due date months and that my July girl will be a runner who runs marathons in her 20s! OMG!!!! I know, it’s probably a random coincidence I looked back at the reading this month and saw the “July” and “marathon runner” predictions, but I reeeeally can’t help but wonder if it’s really happening?

I’ll let you all know soon. Either AF is wickedly late or there will be ANOTHER +HPT picture gracing the pages of your Readers.

Ok, gotta go! Love you all to bits and after my nephew is gone, I’ll give you more deets on the haps on everything in my life. 

3 thoughts on “I’m the Unluckiest Lucky Woman You’ve Ever Met

  1. Oh my goodness – wouldn’t that be something if Cheri was right? I did two different readings and both said around August-September, which didn’t quite turn out right. Cheri said July-August and then another said a boy conceived around September. Oh well. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Oh the things we do for our dogs… 🙂 Luckily we do not have an eating problem with our dogs- which makes them very easy to train! Our older dogs has gotten a number of UTIs though- she has an inverted vulva which makes her prone to them. Thankfully it hasn’t lead to kidney stones, but with her luck this year and surgeries that’s probably the next one that she will have!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s friend. Suicide is so difficult.

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