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Hi Peeps,

I’m really hoping nothing besides the craziness of marathon training & Hubster’s sprint triathlon training keeps us busy this week so I am finally doing one of these fun posts I’ve been dying to do. There’s one other one I’ll be posting in a couple of days and they both come from the lovely KT at Non Sequitur Chica. Thanks woman!!!

My Top 10 T.V. Shows

1. Friends.  I’m keeping this from KT because I also “think that everything can be related to Friends.  Whenever I am moving, I think of the episode where Ross and Rachel are trying to move a couch and Ross keeps saying “PIVOT!  PIVOT!” in his funny voice.  I can absolutely remember specific jokes from most episodes and repeat them verbatim.  It’s amazing that they are still knocking around in my brain.” Especially because I am not a person to remember quotes or even be able to tell jokes because I always forget how they go. But I do remember lines from Friends (and Clueless and Grease)!

2. Downton Abbey.  I don’t know if it’s the English manners (and manors!) or the accent, but I feel like this is classy and more mature soap opera drama. I used to love my soaps before they got gnarly (think Marlena being possessed) so this is the perfect substitute!

3.  Vampire Diaries.  Yeah kind of contradictory to follow Downton with this, but hey! I can’t be classy and mature alllll the time! And once you get used to the whole teenage high school silliness of it all, it gets addicting!

4.  Sex in the City.   Classic. I, too, didn’t have HBO for most of this so I caught up watching the DVDs and yes, I will be watching most of them again very soon (Hubster is jetting off to Vegas for 4 days in a few weeks). Eeek!!!!!!!!

5.  Game of Thrones. If only the hottie Dathraki king guy was still around I think I would be absolutely addicted, but for a medieval times show, this is pretty good stuff!

6.  The Mindy Project.  She is insanely hilarious, silly, smart and a very strong female character. This show is off the hook funny and so is her IG page! I love Mindy and wish I could be her bestie.

7.  Law & Order: SVU.  The team of Stabler and Benson was classic.  I love crime shows and the fact that this usually brings up current topics, is almost all about sexual abuse (which is a huge part of my career background and interest) and has the BEST music, I can even overlook the fact that Stabler left to be a stupid ass, short-lived character on stupid True Blood and keep watching. Plus I kind of like the new characters.

8.  Orange is the New Black. We finally finished Season 1 and boy it did not disappoint. Bring on Season 2!!!!! This is a Netflix-exclusive show about an engaged (to a man) suburbanite who is sent to Federal Prison for helping her ex-lesbian-lover smuggle drug money one time 10 years ago. Funny, moving and exciting.

9.  Sons of Anarchy.   JAX. Need I say more? I am soooo in love with him. He is the badass HOTTIE with a good heart trying to turn around a motorcycle gang his father started. I can’t wait til the next season starts. (I will also be watching the 1st season reruns when Hubster is away.)

10. Mistresses.  I know. This is even worse than Vampire Diaries, but I love me some Alyssa Milano. And I loved the Korean chick from Lost, but she’s a terrible English-speaking actress so I’m not her biggest fan anymore. I mostly just watch to find out who the father is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other shows that I love: Amazing Race, Scandal, Deception & Whitney (pretty much my same reasoning as TMP).
Shows I am only watching because I feel obligated to: True Blood, Dexter & Breaking Bad

Now for a marathon update:

‪Just do it‬, right? Um not so much for me lately. I was super stoked to get into the ‪Nike women’s sf marathon‬ and started my training program off pretty well, but that has dwindled terribly. I have lots of valid ‪excuses‬, but my ‪really good friend pointed out that they were still EXCUSES. I feel ‪‎guilty‬ (and scared!) about my lack of effort lately and even though I say that today is a new day and I’ll do better, I don’t. I need ‪accountability‬ so I’ve decided I’m going to post my weekly training plan here and on IG & FB every Monday and my actual training completed every Sunday. Spending 2+ hours working out at least 5 days/week I’d rough, but I love the way I feel when I’m done so I need to just do it. Here’s my ‪motivation Monday pic

And here’s this week’s training schedule

I’m upset I missed my long-distance training last week but I’m excited for so much speedwork this week! ‬

2 thoughts on “Fun Stuff

  1. I am the same way with Friends!! We are just that generation hahaha. I mentioned friends to a boy (a child I swear, he’s like 22!) at work and he looked blankly at me and was like yeah I’ve only ever seen random repeats of that show…..whaaaaaaaaaat?!!
    When is the mara? Any tips for my first ever race, the half marathon that i’m doing in less than 5 weeks?! argh!

    • Hahaha I know this guy about the same age and he watches reruns at night lol! He rocks! My marathon is on 10/20.

      Tips? If it is on Sunday, get lots of rest Friday night because you’ll be too excited to sleep on Saturday. And walk through every water station during the race but as soon as you finish your water start running again. You can totally do it!

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