I’m feeling good today. I took 2 days off of work and spent yesterday alone. Alone with my thoughts. Alone with my TV. Alone with Candy Crush. Ha! I got some tears out and went through really numb periods. But I went to sleep with less pain in my heart and turmoil in my head. […]


Smh From now on I don’t think I need to know about these chemicals. Hell, doctors don’t even count these as true pregnancies do nothing will ever come from knowing right? So I guess I’ll wait until my period is a week late to test from now on. Hubster and I are devastated, but we’re […]

Here We Go Again

I’m bleeding now. And cramping. No peeing on anymore sticks for me right now. I’m going to call the Dr. later for my beta number. Part of me wishes I went through my fertility clinic for this part, but with 2 out of the 3 doctors there on my shitlist because of their unsympathetic “care,” […]

My Blessed Social Life

With Hubster off training for his first Sprint Triathlon (shorter version of a normal tri), I have been left with more “me” time. It’s been pretty good. If I’m not training for my marathon, I am indulging in my smutty-novel addiction, watching my “terrible” TV shows (according to Hubster. BTW, he was horribly embarrassed for […]

Acceptance, positive thinking & patience

Helloooo my dears! I’m sorry I’ve been away from here so often and for so long. I’m just drowning in life and lost in a sea of ambivalence with occasional waves of anxiety and depression crashing down on me. Nothing seems to be going right but yet there’s still sunny skies. I.just.don’ Ever since i […]