My Blessed Social Life

With Hubster off training for his first Sprint Triathlon (shorter version of a normal tri), I have been left with more “me” time. It’s been pretty good. If I’m not training for my marathon, I am indulging in my smutty-novel addiction, watching my “terrible” TV shows (according to Hubster. BTW, he was horribly embarrassed for me when he saw my Top TV Shows list I posted and you can read here) or hanging with my girlfriends. I have been getting a lot of one-on-one time or hanging with a couple of gals at a time and it has been wonderful! No joke, I’m pretty much seeing one of my girlfriends at least once a week! It’s so relaxing and fun to discuss life, careers, S.O.s, etc. They are all such intelligent, caring, funny and inspirational women. I am so blessed to have them in my lives.

And  not only that, but Hubster and I snuck in some quality alone time in beautiful San Francisco. We took a super fun ride on the Rocket Boat around the Bay. Image

This boat holds 100 passengers and races and spins so smoothly. Since we live pretty close to the City, we never do touristy stuff anymore (we’ve done those as kids on field trips or with our families) so we got to appreciate the City on a deeper level. And did I say it was fun?!? It really was. It was thrilling and I let out several screams and grabbed Hubster’s hand throughout most of the ride.

We watched the 49er game and walked around the Mission District for most of the afternoon. And then we headed to a drag show!!!!! Dinner with cute bartenders and watching GORGEOUS ladies dance and lip-sync was so much fun. Then we drove over the newly remodeled portion of the Bay Bridge and boy was it a beautiful sight! It’s at least 8 lanes wide and even though I have a terrible fear of heights and have to talk myself out of panic attacks on bridges, I sat in awe looking around at this one. Sorry You can’t really see all of it’s glory in this blurry pic. Just trust me when I say it’s absolutely breathtaking.Image I say 

It was a wonderful day and we really needed it.

Hubster’s aunt has been really sick. She was in the hospital for 3 weeks right after we went to 3 funerals. I have been spending a lot of hours training & recovering from injuries. Hubster just started training for his first big event since we ran a half marathon in 2009. And 4 of our friends have had babies since the 2nd funeral we went to only a month ago. Stressed, terrified, exhausted and frustrated describe the last couple of months and sometimes I think it’s a miracle we’re still standing. But we are. And with days like this one we just had last weekend, we are THRIVING as a couple.

So even though I let a lot of these really tough things get me down recently, I am focusing on all the good I really do have. Because I have quite a lot.

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