Positive Affirmations Can Bring Positive Pee Sticks

Yep, you read that right. Yesterday, at 16 dpo, I got a faint positive. At lunchtime. Then after work (after a 2-hour pee hold) I got another faint positive. And this morning another one. All about the same color, but they aren’t getting lighter.  Considering my history, that is a plus! We have an ob intake appt this afternoon, which includes bloodwork. I’m a nervous wreck!

Here’s how it all went down (with all the deets about my lady bits):
10-13 dpo – daily headaches and extreme fatigue
11-14 dpo – really heavy & sore tatas and unquenchable thirst
14 dpo – headache went away and tatas are normal (I also felt really thin! I should have taken a “belly shot” lol); no sign of AF until I got some cramping that evening; also very teary
15 dpo – cramping is gone and tatas are painful again; no period
16 dpo – anxiously waited to check tampon (I forgot to put on a panty liner and all I had at work were tammies) at 10 am since AF always shows right around 9 am; at 10:30 I finally found the courage to pull that little string and almost cried when it was clean; Hubster and I ran to the $ Tree at lunch to buy some tests and the one I took had a faint line. Holy shit!!!!!!!!! I took a digi at 2:30 because my coworker pretty much dragged me to the bathroom to pee on it and it was negative. At 4:30 I peed on a trusty FRER and there was a faint line. I made an appt with my ob/gyn and requested a blood test from my PC. And SO thirsty and teary again!
17 dpo – I’ve only checked for blood twice today and I’m feeling really yucky. I am still teary, fatigued, semi nauseous and dying from these headaches. Oh and hungry every hour. But I’m enjoying not feeling well! lol

It’s weird to go through this process without my RE’s office. It’s completely surreal to even be going through this process right now. I think once I have the blood test done and see a good number I’ll be able to really embrace this…possible pregnancy? I’ll update you on my test result and I’ll write more about how I am doing emotionally with all of this after I know that this is really happening. 

But for now, I’m being careful and not running at all. I squatted/lunged with 12.5 lbs dumbells instead of the bar last night and I’m walking a ton. I got over 8,000 steps in yesterday!

I just really want as healthy a pregnancy as possible to make as healthy a child as possible. So I’m going to try to continue to eat healthy and stay really active, while also taking it easy. And I have daily positive pregnancy affirmations being emailed to me.

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