Hi friends!

Eeek I’ve been away a really long time! Too much has gone on to really catch up so here it is in bullets:

-still not pregnant lol
-hubby is no longer pursuing a career in law enforcement (phew!)
-I’ve been attending really productive weekly physical therapy sessions
-I ran my first pain-free 4 miles since July!
-I’m signed up for a half marathon in March
-I met the OMG-too-amazing Jenny (and her husband) from The Stupid Stork
-I’ve had 3 interviews in 2 weeks (think good thoughts!) after only sending out 10 application packets!
-I’m planning 2 baby showers for really close friends and so far I’m totally okay with it. I still have to offer for my SIL. whoops!
-I had the craziest TTC-swap EVER when I joined Dreaming of Dimples’ Mug Swap


Zoom in to the picture by the handle. Now do you see it? My swap match and I sent each other THE.EXACT.SAME.ONE! Hahaha! It says “be happy” on the inside and I love it!

Thanks again, MTBM!

And thank you all for being here.

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