When it rains, it POURS, but does the sun peek through the clouds TWICE?!?

Good Lord people. Sometimes I just give up. I’m so used to the old adage about it raining and pouring that I actually welcome it because it always means something really good is on the horizon. But what if I desperately want TWO good things? Well, then I become melancholy.

See last week hubby withdrew from his recruitment with a local law enforcement agency. It just isn’t the time to start this type of career considering we will hopefully be pregnant or adopting in the near future. While this was a completely logical decision that is best for him and our family, this deeply hurt him emotionally. He was looking forward to the career change and really excited about it. So for almost a week he was pretty depressed. I can’t tell you how hard this was on me too. I have never seen my husband so upset. And so down for so long. But the one ray of hope that kept him slightly optimistic about his future was that I was close to my fertile window, which meant that we might make a baby soon! But given our track record with that, the safer silver lining to hope for was a new job prospect for me. I had a job interview coming up for a promotion working in the child abuse prevention field. I was so stoked!

So we were dealing with my husband’s depression, I was prepping for an interview and then I had some weirdness with my manager. It became really stressful you guys. But this week we got it cleared up-just in time to find out my grandma was rushed to the hospital by ambulance for fainting in the grocery store. She is oddly fatigued today and not feeling normal, but they released her last night saying she’s probably fine. Yikes!

Oh and the weirdness with my manager got cleared just in time for reference checks from that job! Eeek! They started calling today!!!! So exciting! BUT even though I want this job SO bad, does a possible job offer mean no pregnancy this month?

I know (rationally) that the two are totally unrelated, but I’m sure I don’t have to explain the looney in my head. I just can’t fathom two Amazeballs things happening at the same time. And while both are pretty spectacular on their own, I’d really be disappointed if one didn’t pan out.

And I’d REALLY like to run this week but so much keeps happening. I’m spending the night with my grandma tonight so hopefully tomorrow? Lol sigh. I doubt it. I’m sure I’ll let something interfere like I have the last almost two weeks. Waaaah

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