I am officially emotionally-funk-free!

Well, at least for today I’m not feeling blue!

My running has pretty much been nonexistent lately and I’m still not pregnant so I’ve been in a terrible funk. The longest funk of my life.

The physical therapy has been helping my tight hip and ITBS but I was annoyed with having to do PT plus special stretches and strengthening exercises in order for me to do something most people can just do. All because I have chicken legs and an underdeveloped gluteus maximus (e.g. flat butt!)

Basically my same complaints about being infertile. I have to watch my diet, take supplements/Clomid and practice meditation/mindfulness/saying mantras to even get a BFP. All to do something so many people just do. And all that still hasn’t brought me a viable pregnancy.

Feeling low on top of all the family stuff and work stuff going on in my life kept me in a extended several-months long funk. I stopped working out completely, canceled PT appointments, and tried to become a hermit. But I’ve finally broke out of it! Yay! That means I’m back with more than just updates on my ever-crazy life. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back here with all of you lovelies.

Yesterday I ran anchor in the California International Marathon relay challenge and it was amazing! Luckily I had the warmest and shortest leg at 36°F and about 5.75 miles. So it was still colder and further than I’ve run in a very long time, but it was my best run since my marathon training days this past spring. I got a little tired at a couple of spots towards the end and really paranoid about my knee, but I used my positive visualization technique and I’m so glad I did! I finished with a 10:09 pace. That’s only a moderate pace in the running world, but it was faster than my goal for my first real race since my injury. And because I was a sub for the relay team I joined…about 4 days before race day!

This picture is no joke. I didn’t really feel like dying in this short race, but I really felt that high. In fact, I don’t even think I felt that high when I finished the marathon finish line! A racing victory after an injury is one of the best motivators! Now I’m pumped and want to start planning out a racing calendar for 2014.

Currently I’m still channeling the positive thinking for babymaking success and even though today I could care less about getting pregnant so I can chase my first BQ, I know that’s just the residual runner’s high talking. So I have a limit of only running half marathons next year. No full marathons until 2015, unless something were to go terribly wrong with the babymaking. That’s hard to admit, but having a baby really is so much bigger and more important than snagging another marathon medal.

I also plan on continuing with my supplements (unmonitored) for the foreseeable future. We just don’t have the funds for IVF and since I’ve had 3 BFPs, we don’t see the need for IUI. So while I’m still inducing ovulation, it’s not on the same scale as Clomid, which means I have been running (slower though just in case) during and after ovulation. So I don’t feel like I need to adjust my training around my TWW.

Finally, they say you can continue normal exercise while pregnant and while I can’t stomach the idea of running a full marathon pregnant, I’m really iffy on half marathons. I know it all depends on if my theoretical pregnancy were healthy and normal and what my doctor advises, but for planning purposes (since registration deadlines are usually several months out) I need to make some decisions and give myself certain options.

This is where I need your help.

How many half marathons can I even attempt to run, do you think? I’d love to run 10k’s, 10-milers and at least a few half marathons next year. Is that too crazy? If you’ve run half marathons while pregnant, would you do it again? What are your suggestions for planning my 2014 race calendar?

Thanks for your help!

And since I’ve neglected this space for far too long, I’m looking forward to updating my blog! Another new year brings another round of changes and (finally!) a new look!

4 thoughts on “I am officially emotionally-funk-free!

  1. I have run a few half marathons and when i was in the thick of TTC i remember having those convos with myself about planning/training. Ultimately, i decided to sign up for what i wanted to and live my life / train normally. Once you do get a BFP and pg, you can always adjust – i.e. sell or give away your bib, the $ “lost” will probably not burn that much or back off training – or you can always walk a half-marathon if you still want to do it and don’t feel comfortable running. Have a goal that did not revolve around me getting pg was so healthy and i suggest that.

  2. I’m so glad that you’re feeling a bit more like yourself these days. I have absolutely no advice on half-marathons during pregnancy. I can’t imagine running one myself, but I’m not a runner to begin with. All I know is that I am fairly active but slowed way down during pregnancy. So hopeful for you, my sweet friend. I hope 2014 is YOUR year in every way!

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