Happy new year!

2014 has finally arrived. And it couldn’t have come at a much better time. As great as 2013 was overall, Hubster and I are really liking forward to the hope and excitement a new year brings. In short, we are so over 2013 and it can basically kiss our asses.

Yes I ran my first marathon, learned to outrun my fears and finally accepted the idea of “celebrating finish lines, not times.” I also finally started believing that our baby will come in God’s timing, which is the best timing. It still sucks and hurts that our 2013 BFP was a tease, but ultimately I am OK. This gives me (borrowed) time to get my act together and become a more disciplined runner so that I can *hopefully* continue to run through a pregnancy. It also gives me (borrowed) time to finish some projects in our house I’ve been dying to do for years. As well as complete my many overdue photo books before I have pregnancy/baby ones to do!

I love how the new year brings more optimism to my heart and goals to my mind. I need something to work for and challenges to conquer. That’s just who I am. Since the baby thing is left completely up to God now, I’m finally going to focus on my goals for the year. So for ultimate accountability, here they are:

*Life Goals*
*Lose 8lbs every month I’m not pregnant
*Write down 10 accomplishments every week
*Write down 15 things I’m thankful for every week
*Have spontaneous fun sex every month
*Finish my photo books by 3/31/13
*Sleep by 10:30 pm on weeknights
*Wake by 6 am everyday
*Reconcile budget every month

-Marriage Goals-
-Run/swim together 2x/week
-Complete 3 races together
-Monthly date nite
-Spend 2 weekends away with each other
-Spend 2 weekends away from each other

•Running Goals•
•Complete 7 races (2 half-marathons)
•Post goal vs. actual weekly running
•Run with a partner at least 1x/month
•Complete weekly strength training program
•Run at least 14 miles every week

So far, this year is starting off well! NYE we cooked dinner for Hubster’s family and then one of my pregnant friends and her hubby came over to hang out. We spent the evening drinking and playing board games until the countdown. There was so much laughter I woke up with sore abs and cheeks lol! And then today Hubster and I ran 3 rough miles (dehydrated, hungry and hot!) then relaxed on the patio under the fan, showered and ate a quick lunch of mussels and seared ahi tuna salad (with yummy wasabi dressing). Now we’re chilling on the couch listening to the most amazing mashup of 2013 top hits (can be found here)

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful 2014 so far as well and can’t wait to read about your goals/resolutions!

Wishing you peace, love and lots of running miles in 2014!

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