Where has January gone?

Whoa, people, WHOA. How are we in the home stretch of January already?! I swear I just posted my new year’s goals like a week ago so how do we only have 10 days left in the month?!? I feel so behind and like I’m already seriously failing this year.

Goals update:

  • Weight loss: 0 (Gawwwwd I hate that you don’t lose weight the first few weeks you start building muscle again!)
  • Weekly running: I’ve completed at least 2 of my 4 workouts every week (semi fail)
  • Weekly strength training: I have practiced yoga at least once each week (semi success). If I son’t make it to my fave yoga instructor at the gym, I do Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown on Amazon Prime (it’s also available for free on YouTube!)

  • Running buddies: Been running with at least one other person at least once each week (super success!)
  • Racing: I’m signed up for a half marathon in March and a 10k on Super Bowl Sunday! So guilt-free eating that day, even though I’m not planning on watching. I’m being a sore loser, but if you watched that 49ers-Seahawks game, you’ll understand my pain. Bad calls and an immature quarterback killed me. I still need to plan the rest of my racing calendar ASAP.
  • Trips with hubby: we have a weekend trip planned for Valentine’s Day at a cute little dog-friendly (no restrictions and only a $15/pet per night fee!) inn in a cute little dog-friendly Northern California coastal town Valentine’s Day weekend. The BEST part is that after spending 2 nights at the ocean, we’ll still have 2 full days at home and are only taking 1 1/2 days off from work because it’s also President’s Day weekend!
  • Trips without hubby: So long as my nursing-student-friend’s school schedule permits, the girls are headed to DISNEYLAND for the weekend! Well Disneyland and possibly a hot L.A. club. We shall see. 🙂 🙂 🙂


The rest have been ignored. Whoops. I printed out a tracking sheet and vow to start using it this week! Next week I should have some better updates.

CD1 was on Sunday. 15dpo. It’s been like that every month but I still envision peeing on a stick at lunch time on 15dpo because technically I’m late. Clearly I’m also delusional if almost every single month I start on 15dpo. This month was sad for us, but ultimately ok. I reminded myself that it gives me time to get back to running, lose weight and start working on house projects (that I still have yet to start. Ugh!) And then seeing my mom change my little cousin’s baby’s diaper and feeding him on Monday made my heart break. She LOVES babies. And really loves babies related to her. And uber loves her only grandchild who lives 800 miles away. She wants a grandbaby here. She wants a grandbaby from me. And I so want to give that to her.

Today I feel better. It might have been my quick 3-miler (26:51!) after and exhausting and stressful day. Or just my faith that God has a little baby in His plan for me. But I do finally feel better and I’m really excited to try again.

While I’m pumped about my run, I still have a ways to go. On 11/9/13 I ran my way to my proudest PR since high school!

After seeing this, my cousin-in-law mentioned something about me being able to finish a half marathon in under 2 hours if I can run this close to a 7:00 mile. DOI! I probably can do that. So why am I running 3-4 miles at around a 10:00 mile pace?!? I decided I would stop being so darn conservative and aim for around 9:00 pace, except on long runs. I’m just under 8 weeks out from race day and I’m hoping that a new goal works so I’m a little behind in trying to chase that nice of a PR (my current one is 2:14). But that will be my year-end goal. By 12/31/14 I hope to run a sub-2 hour half mary!

Ok that’s it for now. On to crushing more goals!

3 thoughts on “Where has January gone?

  1. Love the new look!
    And indeed where the hell has January gone!!!
    You are doing so well on the running and fitness I think. I have been benched, fucked up my calf muscles on BOTH legs. Booo!
    You so CAN get sub 2:00. I believe in you!!

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