Catching up with my OB/Gyn

I swear this is the weirdest step in our infertility journey to date. For several months we worked with an OBgyn who specialized in infertility. Then for a year we worked with an RE at a fertility clinic to make a baby. That didn’t work and we stopped going. Now we’re going to a regular old OBgyn. But that is so how my life works lol.

But it’s mostly because I have the most amazing OBgyn. He has been very supportive of assisting with our babymaking efforts, as well as leaving it to the specialists. Basically whatever I want he’s totally down for. AND after flaking on a follow up appointment and ultrasound after my last chemical pregnancy, I was really dreading having to apologize and tell him I need to start the process with getting my endo checked on.

But I didn’t need to worry. He was so understanding. And he had his office contact me (they called me about 5 minutes after they open!) to find out my scheduling preferences and then schedule my ultrasound with radiology and the follow up with him. I had to do absolutely nothing people. And this all happened from a short email I sent him saying I’m having increased endo pain and pain with sex. I never got this kind of service with my RE’s office. Not even remotely close. And my OBgyn works for a large teaching hospital!

Anyway, he wants me to come in to catch up and discuss our wishes for TTC as well as whether further evaluation (another lap) will be necessary. I also really appreciate him taking the initiative to find out where we are with that. I emailed him back to let him know we will begin looking into adoption this Spring, but that we are thinking about trying Clomid for a few months in the meantime.

I know. Stop the presses.

Clomid is a nightmare that I never wanted to do again, but I’m ready to give it one last whirl. Mostly for Hubster. I know he wanted me to go back on it months ago but respected my wishes when I very firmly said no. Now that he’s agreed to pursue adoption, I feel I owe him a compromise. So I have an ultrasound tomorrow (10dpo) and my catch up with my doctor on Thursday. I’ll keep you posted!

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