My appointment with my OBgyn went well and I start back on Clomid my next cycle. He’ll monitor at least my first cycle just to make sure everything is working the way it should and most likely not after that unless there’s a problem. Since my first attempt at 50mg didn’t work and not every Clomid cycle yielded several growing follies, I’m just going to start at 100mg. I feel optimistic and am now preparing my body and mind for the Clomid Crazy. I’m kicking my weightloss into high gear and will be cutting grains and sugar from my diet for 4-6 weeks (with 1 cheat meal/week), plus actually keeping up my running.

My half marathon training was the most inconsistent training I have ever completed and after finishing my race today, I’m totally inspired- not as down about my 2:15 finish time as I would imagine. I just know how much better I could have done if I completed my weekday runs and didn’t go 2 weeks without running every month! I could have hit my sub-2:00 goal for sure!

So from now on no more half-assing anything. I’ll be taking my DHEA to increase my ovary function and inositol+folic acid to keep my hormones balanced, and I will run 3-4 days/week, whether I’m training or not, because that’s what my mind and body need.

I’m going to sign up for another half next month (possibly) and for sure some 10k’s, with maybe a full marathon to end the year. But we’ll see where the coming Clomid cycles will take us.

10 thoughts on “Success

  1. Yay for forward motion and preparation for the C.C! You are much better prepared this time, it will be fine!
    I’m excited about your running! I’m running again too. 10k in May… Half in October.
    Anyway… I’m still here in the background cheering you two on.

  2. I so, SO want to get a 1/2 or full under my belt this year…you make me want to kick my butt into gear! Good luck with the clomid (hope it doesn’t get too crazy!) and yay for the race!!

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