A New Start

After 9 interviews and 3 second-interviews, I got two amazing job offers. YAY! I accepted the first one I got and I’m so excited about it. There will be a lot of traveling so Hubster is not 100% thrilled, but we’ll make it work. It’s only statewide travel which means he can join me for mini vacays when I go to fun places and can meet me when it’s time for Babymaking. Perfect, right? Well, close. My original start date of Monday was pushed back to today because their HR didn’t finish processing my paperwork. I already had my last day on Friday and I had 2 impromptu days off of work. I preferred to start my new job right away on Monday, but after the last month (3 of my interviews and the 3 second-interviews all took place within 2 weeks) I could actually use the break. And boy did I!

I ended up with a 4-day weekend of lounging, reading the Divergent Series, gardening, reorganizing parts of my house, running and spending lots of quality time with Hubster. The perfect balance of relaxation and production. Plus, I finished off my first round of Clomid in over a year.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good on Clomid. I took 100mg to start off since the first time I took 50mg I didn’t ovulate. It’s hard to be moody, HOT, weepy and bloated, but I’m excited. I forgot how hopeful I feel on Clomid. I forgot how this tiny little pill that causes so much turmoil also makes me see not a light at the end of the tunnel, but a big beautiful rainbow. Especially now that I have a new job I’m so excited about. I’m seriously on Cloud 9 right now. That should help me get pregnant too, right? See?All kinds of hope pouring out of me these days!!!!

Oh and let’s not forget my mid-cycle ultrasound. I have 4 mature follicles!!!!!!! And a slight triple-striped lining. It’s not looking fabulous, but it’s good enough.

So now that I no longer want to kill myself everyday I leave work, I’m back and will be catching up with all of you lovelies.

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