Well this sucks…

I achieved something I was working for and I realized I made a huge mistake. I wanted to stop hoping and I did. I now no longer believe this cycle is going to work. I, again, never got my OPK smiley. We had lots of sex, but I’m sure that, again, this cycle will fail. […]

Exciting Days!

On Saturday Hubster and I, along with my parents, attended an informational seminar at an adoption agency we’re interested in. It was FANTASTIC. They really educate people about adoption-from the perspectives of the birth mothers to adoptees to adoptive parents. As well as the benefits of open adoption. And it was nice to share this […]


Uuuugh it happened again. The first time I’ve had a massive breakdown in several months. Um maybe in over a year? But I’m ok with it. I needed it. And it probably won’t happen again for quite awhile. In the last month my friend has given birth to her first child and my SIL has […]