Exciting Days!

On Saturday Hubster and I, along with my parents, attended an informational seminar at an adoption agency we’re interested in. It was FANTASTIC. They really educate people about adoption-from the perspectives of the birth mothers to adoptees to adoptive parents. As well as the benefits of open adoption. And it was nice to share this with my parents. Even though they would have been supportive no matter what, it is sort of a relief to see their complete buy-in as well.

Although we’re still trying with Clomid+timed intercourse and have decided on a more desperate sex-every-other-day-all-month-long basis, I actually feel SOOO hopeful about being a parent. Hubster wrote the most beautiful sentence in my mother’s day card he gave me:


Even though mother’s day dinner with my in-laws again this year (big group picture of just the moms), I didn’t have to fight back tears because I remembered those words.

The best part of the seminar was Hubster’s complete buy-in. He feels much more comfortable with open adoption now and is fully accepting of this path, should we be faced with it. Yay! This makes my heart so happy. I’m going to be a mommy and he’s going to be a daddy.

The catch is money. We have to put down about $2,500 to sign the contract and within 6 months pay another $11,500. I think for now the plan is to fundraise, apply for grants and secure a loan in order to pay the entire join fee when we sign the contract and have the rest of the about $10,000 in reserves… just in case we’re a lucky couple that finalizes months after starting. Not likely, but it might happen!

So we have a plan, I’m loving my new job and I’m running a little bit more regularly. I have survived mother’s day and come out even happier than I could imagine. Before my life seems to crumble again, I’m simply going to enjoy. Now I’m off to run with a good friend!

13 thoughts on “Exciting Days!

  1. Yay! I’m so glad that it went well and everyone is on board. I really had a hard time with open adoption at first too, because it was just not something I was used too. But the more I read about it and talked to people who are in open adoptions the more comfortable I became. I also try to look at it from a child’s perspective. How wonderful is it to know that your parents love you so much and your birth parents love you so much? That is pretty special.

    Good luck with the grants and fundraising, I know that is pretty challenging. We had to do a fundraiser to help our adoption as well. Just knowing that you are on the path though is so exciting!

    • OMG! This is EXACTLY my thinking! Thanks for the comment and when you have a chance, can you email me about your fundraising? I know your ADORABLE little baby girl keeps you busy so no rush. I already have one option and am considering others also.

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