Just when I thought my body couldn’t get any weirder…

It looks like I’m ovulating TWICE this month.

No, not releasing two eggs within 24 hours of each other, but I mean ovulating a 2nd time almost 2 weeks after the first.

Yes, digest that. It’s taken me about 2 days to.

So I got a positive OPK on CD8. Weird for being on Clomid, but normal for my crazy body. On CD16, I began having severe bloating and weird stretching sensations, as well as achy ovaries. Like they came in really suddenly in the middle of the night and it was so scary. I have never felt this badly before. And to prevent my natural obssesiveness (not an actual word, huh?), I haven’t been having mid-cycle ultrasounds. Everything has been normal so there has been no need. But this month I definitely needed one because I was freaking out about what was going on with my body.

Unfortunately I was on a business trip when this happened so I didn’t go in to see the doctor for a couple of days. By then the bloating had gone down about 80%. The doctor felt around on my abdomen and said everything felt normal and he didn’t feel any bloating, but almost every place he slightly pressed was tender. Which freaked me out even more.

When he began the ultrasound we had our answer. My left ovary had a 30mm follicle on it and a couple smaller, but mature ones, and the right had some more. So at first I wondered if the OPK was wrong, but he found the free fluid that comes from ruptured follicles. He told me that he’s not supposed to encourage us to get busy (not his terminology, of course) but that we might as well lol. Also my lining looks perfect at 10mm. So one ovary is over 6cm and another is over 4, which explains the discomfort and also means no running for awhile. 😣

So what the heck, you guys? This was a different doctor than mine, and I’m still waiting to hear my doctor’s thoughts, so what do you all think? I found crazy stories on Google, of course, but it still seems so far-fetched.

On a positive note, check out a few of our 13 veggie plants and 13 long beans sprouting.

7 thoughts on “Just when I thought my body couldn’t get any weirder…

  1. What? I have NEVER heard of this in all my years but who knows! Ovaries do strange things sometimes 🙂 And heed that warning about running. Ovarian torsion is nothing to mess with! xoxo

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