The most depressing cramps

I started feeling a little sad today. My coworker who knows about our infertility was asking about it and when I said that I’m still not sure I can handle IVF, she asked what it was so I explained everything as best I could. Remarkably, I was OK. I say that because today is CD31 and I’m still waiting for my period to start. I took a FRER yesterday morning and it was unmistakably negative.

Anyway, after our IF convo I finally started feeling sad. We’ve been on this road for so long. I don’t want to give up but it gets so hard sometimes to keep going. I have bared my heart to God, minus the tears I can’t seem to shed, and am completely lost.

Then the cramps came. And even though I expected them and hoped my period would show up before we leave for our weekend trip, these are the most depressing cramps I ever did suffer through.

#pityparty time.

10 thoughts on “The most depressing cramps

  1. You SO deserve a pity party, and we’re all here to help you through this. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Thinking of you!!

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