How to survive not officially trying….

This was only my 2nd cycle with no medication, no doctor appointments and no timed intercourse in 3 years. And it was the BEST yet. How do you achieve this? By working your ass off and playing for 8 days straight.

Here’s how this last cycle went down:
1. Work


     OMG! This was one of my busiest months at work. I had no time to think about cycle days or obsess about every last pain, twinge or weird sensation in my abdomen. I’m nearing cd28 and since cd1 I went on 2 business trips and am preparing for another next week. Also, since the 2nd trip, Hubster and I have been playing hard



     Yep, we spent 3 days and 3 nights enjoying Sin City together. We ATE so much food, drank our asses off and watched 2 amazeballs shows – Beatles LOVE and Zombie Burlesque. Both are HIGHLY recommended. We also had lots of fun sexytimes (with no raising my legs up for 30 minutes) just because we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.

3. Music Festival


     Yes, my husband is very patriotic and likes attention. But that’s not the point. We spent 3 long days (in the dirt) listening to awesome bands in our town.

4. Fantasy Football


     Yep, the team my girlfriend and I co-own is in first place! This is our first year playing and we are rocking it. We are undefeated after 5 weeks, not simply because we’re lucky. It’s a decent amount of work every week, but it’s actually pretty fun.

So as you see, I have no time to stress about getting pregnant. It’s still painful everyday that goes by I still wait for kids, but the insane amount of work and fun I’ve had helps to distract me from it. And the work and fun continues as I have a family trip this weekend and 2 more business trips this month. During my family trip to southern California we’re going for our first IVF consultation. Can you believe I haven’t even thought about it until yesterday? I imagine I’ll be writing another post very shortly as I work through those feelings.

I haven’t forgot about you lovelies, I just need to take a step away every once in awhile and I imagine I’ll be here more frequently as we get closer to our first IVF cycle.

13 thoughts on “How to survive not officially trying….

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having a fabulous time! We’ve been trying to do that a little more. I have a trip planned to Door County, WI for our anniversary beginning of Nov. and I just bought Garth Brooks tickets to surprise my hubby with. 🙂 Keep being good to yourselves!!!

  2. OMG, I just got done telling the girls at my RE that taking a break was the happiest we’ve been in ages!! We too, also did a vegas trip… and many other trips. It was so nice to not pee on a stick and worry about if I was ovulating or not!! Yippee!!

  3. The busyness is helpful for sure. I’m so glad you two have been having some fun adventures! You’re so cute together!! Good luck at the consult!

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