Marriage woes

Yes, infertility is hard. Marriage is hard. Combined, a marriage in the middle of infertility is.fucking.rough. But I have embraced the hard times and even been grateful for them. I felt our relationship growing stronger and even excited at the prospect of not going through all of marriage strain children often bring. I mean, if […]

Woe is me…

Really? REALLY? Here’s another pity party for ya… My poor car is in the body shop because my husband got run into on his way to a final a few weeks ago. It took us this long to get the insurance sorted out… Meanwhile I caught a nasty cold over my long weekend… AND my […]

Catch Up

It’s been a long time! I think my longest absence yet. Sorry. I’m selfish and flaky by nature. Maybe it’s the Sagittarius in me? Whatever it is, I’m sorry. So what’s been going on? Well pretty much nothing babymaking-wise. Which means I like to take a break from being infertile. I like to pretend I’m […]