Woe is me…

Really? REALLY? Here’s another pity party for ya…

My poor car is in the body shop because my husband got run into on his way to a final a few weeks ago. It took us this long to get the insurance sorted out…
Meanwhile I caught a nasty cold over my long weekend…
AND my poor (almost 4 y/o) doggy needs knee surgery.

All while finally getting my IVF diagnostic tests ordered and scheduled by my fab-o gyno!

So what does this mean? I’m still going in for my hysteroscopy on Monday. My blood tests will still be drawn on CD2-4 of my next cycle. But it looks like we’re pushing our IVF cycle back til at least February.

My furbaby will have surgery within the next 3 weeks and requires rehab/isolation from the other 2 doggies for at least 8 weeks. Hubster and I won’t be able to manage all that, plus work full time jobs, plus IVF. Especially since I’m going to SoCal for my treatment.

Le sigh.

Makes me wonder if we’re doing anything right. Should we not have 3 dogs?
Were we rushing IVF?
Is it dumb to pay $3,000 for my dog to have surgery?
And the list goes on…

Oh and I would like to mention pat myself on the back because I worked my ass off in the office today (my 1st full day in a whole week!). But now I’m tired and stressed and have a headache. (Whine, whine, whine, whine.)

That is all.

Ok, I’ll leave you in peace now.

4 thoughts on “Woe is me…

  1. So sorry things are going insane for you right now. Sucks about your dog…you’re not crazy for doing the ACL repair though!! She will be absolutely miserable without it! Hope the insurance takes care of the car and you won’t have to pay anything for it. Wish you luck on all your TTC stuff coming up. Get some rest and take care of yourself!

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