CHAOS = IVF prep & knee surgery on my dog



I had a diagnostic hysteroscopy performed on Monday by my fabulous gyno. When he was done, he said all looked well and sent me on my way with a full report and pics to forward on to my new RE. Love him. Oh and did I mention he had it pre-approved by my insurance? No? Oh, well he did. Plus my blood tests. So if I have to pay for any of the diagnostic testing, it will be very little compared to going to my old RE’s clinic or the other one in my area.


Because remember, IVF is completely out of pocket for us.

Monday through Wednesday I was pretty bloated and spotting with my cervical mucus. I’m guessing that means the swimmers Hubster left me with two days before that probably wouldn’t have survived, right? And in the middle of the night on Wednesday we had some awesome sexytimes (from what I remember because I was half asleep lol) but I think that was too late in my cycle to do anything.

Which means the last cycle before starting BCPs will be the only one I won’t even be tempted to pee on the sticks accumulating in my cupboard from my monthly FRER subscription through amazon lol.

But it’s fine because Thursday (3 days after my surgical procedure) my big baby boy went in for knee surgery for a torn CCL. It was one of the most stressful mornings of my life-well, until this morning lol. We researched the 3 options (TPLO, extracapsular and extracapsular/tightrope), talked to family and friends who had been through this type of injury and finally met with the orthopedic surgeon right before we left my boy there. We decided to go with tightrope and have been praying every since that it was the right choice. Especially because we were charged $3225 for it!

Luckily the bloating from my procedure has gone away because recovery is no joke! Poor baby cried the whole way home from the vet yesterday and really hasn’t stopped since. I’m guessing he’s scared, uncomfortable, itchy and in some pain. But I don’t know because we can’t talk to each other. He sleeps only about 20-35 minutes at a time, which means that’s all I got until about 3:30 am. I think I must have slept through him whining for the next 3 hours or he finally got some sleep too.

He was up from 6:30 to about 8:30 and has slept off and on for 20-35 minutes at a time for the last 3 hours. I did get 1 20ish minute nap in so that was nice. He can’t be left alone yet because he keeps trying to jump up and follow Hubster or I if we leave him. The “stay” command apparently no longer applies.

And yes, we’re both off work today. It’s my regularly scheduled every other Friday off, but Hubster had to call in sick because could you imagine me doing this with 2 other dogs in the house? Me either! Plus I’ll have all 3 of them while Hubster goes off to Monterey for a couple of days with his brothers. It’s fine though. He’ll be spending his regular every other Monday off at home with all 3 furbabies!

Back to infertility-related stuff. Yes you read that earlier sentence (about 5 paragraphs up?) right, I’m going on BCPs with my next cycle. We’re going to the clinic down in San Diego and have worked out our options for monitoring and everything. It’s pretty exciting.

I just need my AMH level to be higher by at least 0.6 than it was 2 years ago to have a shot at qualifying for their phenomenal refund program! And for that to program be worth it, I need lots of good embryos.

Basically we’ll be paying over 17k for one fresh cycle and as many FETs as that cycle gives us. Plus the cost of meds, anesthesia and ICSI, of course. But if we don’t bring home a baby after all that, we’ll get 100% of that 17k back that we can use towards open adoption. Or we can do another fresh cycle at full price, but with free meds.

So it’s exciting and scary at the same time, but at least we know eventually we’ll be parents. And hopefully not too saddled with debt to be able to send them off to college one day lol.

OK, time to strap the boy info his full body harness do he can try to potty!

11 thoughts on “CHAOS = IVF prep & knee surgery on my dog

  1. OH gosh. So much! My cat had ACL repair surgery this summer and it is the most stressed I have ever been. He was in so. much. pain. and so confused when waking up from anesthesia. It got much better after a few days, but it was really horrifying to go through, so I totally understand that part of it. I have a bunch of posts from back around 4th of July if you’re interested. I’m hoping for the best for you and your baby (and your future belly baby!)

  2. Sounds like an awesome program you found!! Hope you won’t need your money back though and get a baby instead! 😉 Glad the surgery for both you and your dog went well. With animals, they can be dysphoric for a couple days following because of the anesthesia and pain meds, but they usually adjust after a few days. By next week he probably won’t know anything is wrong and you’ll be fighting with him to keep him quiet and not overdoing things! Last summer my cat had to have 2 surgeries, and had to be refined to a large dog crate for 2 weeks each time. The first couple days are the worst, and even I, as a vet tech, had a hard time with it! It will get better I promise!

  3. Glad both your surgery and your dog’s surgery went well. Our older dog had two surgeries in one year (bloat and ACL) and it was awful! You feel horrible because they have no idea why they are in pain or not allowed to run around. It does get better though.

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