I survived the holidays. Again.

It’s a miracle. I didn’t think it would happen. This was by far the HARDEST holiday season to date. I couldn’t go more than 15 minutes without an internal pity party and it was killing me. I really love the holidays and have always been able to suck it up enough to have a great […]

I have my protocol and calendar!

Thanks for all of your tips! I had a great convo with one of the nurses and am so excited! On 1/16 I have my baseline ultrasound and injections class. If all is well at my baseline, I’ll start injections that evening. Eeep! Protocol: For now, I’m going on a blended protocol of 225 units […]

Our upcoming IVF nurse consult

Ok the time is almost here and I’m a freaking ball of nerves. Not to mention I’m PMSing. So, yeah, I’m going pretty crazy. The consult is over the phone, but entails watching a video of the ivf procedure, reviewing lab results, planning my calendar, reviewing my protocol, getting prescriptions and asking any questions or […]

How to pay for IVF

We are only pursuing ivf because my family has offered to help out some. However, it will only cover the majority of one fresh cycle, no meds. Hubster is freaking out now about money and has started the daunting task of looking for funding help. We both work full time and have a decent-sized house […]

Taking care of bidness

Hubster and I decided to try out marriage counseling. There were several reasons each of us had, but mostly we are committed to this marriage. I came to our relationship with a lot of baggage. I had been divorced, had a super short-lived relationship with my father as an adult and a really tumultuous childhood. […]

Short update

My new clinic rocks. The doctors’ assistants have so.many.patients. but always make you feel like you’re the only one. When I email them (my doctor’s assistant was out for a week so another one helped in her absence) all day long with questions, I always get a reply within the hour. And when they need […]

Worse news after bad news

Yesterday I woke up to an email saying I have test results in my online medical chart. Hooray! I was obviously a little nervous but just glad to know what the results were. Then I noticed only 2 – estradiol and TSH – were there. I have never been concerned about those 2! Of course […]

IVF cycle #1

Is almost officially underway. I go for cd3 blood tests tomorrow and start my BCPs the day after that. OMG I was supposed to call and schedule my nurse consult today but I was scared. This is really happening. OMG This is so scary. I had no idea how scared I would be. I’m excited […]