How to pay for IVF

We are only pursuing ivf because my family has offered to help out some. However, it will only cover the majority of one fresh cycle, no meds. Hubster is freaking out now about money and has started the daunting task of looking for funding help.

We both work full time and have a decent-sized house and 3 dogs to care for so finding and applying for the minimal grants offered to us was too much work. Yes, I’m lazy. I’m also fine with going into about $10k of debt. Hubster, not so much. But we’re also only about 3 weeks out from baseline and payment.

So he wants to know how you all funded ivf?

Currently, here’s what our clinic is offering: $1000 credit to do monitoring elsewhere (we live in a different part of the state from the clinic’s location), 10% off for being completely self-pay with no military discount eligibility and donated meds from current/former patients.

Thanks for your help!

19 thoughts on “How to pay for IVF

  1. We basically paid for the vast majority of it ourselves.

    The first IVF, we paid entirely out of pocket for the procedure. If I remember correctly that was $8500 for the fresh cycle. The meds cost us about $5,000 and that was covered by my insurance which has a lifetime $5,000 max for fertility drugs. I therefore maxed out on that cycle.

    After my miscarriage we paid out of pocket for the RPL panel ($700 I think?) and the DNA fragmentation and anti-sperm antibodies testing ($600). Karyotyping was blessedly free as we are in Canada and it was done by a public lab.

    My second IVF was $12,500 with PGS, that was out of pocket. The drugs were a lot more this time, around $6,500 as they increased the dosage and I was also on additional drugs that I wasn’t on last time. We’ve only gotten $500 back from insurance so far but are hoping to get back another $3500 or so from my husband’s plan.

    We also just paid $2250 for the FET, also out of pocket.

    So I don’t really have great advice for you, we basically just paid for it out of our savings. We are lucky that we are both professionals (corporate lawyer and financial/i-banking analyst) so we could be in a position to have some disposable $$.

    But after this FET I really am not sure about spending more $, we’re tapped out of our fertility savings. We could probably do one more FET easily but after that could be a while before another fresh cycle…

  2. We’re not exactly there yet but I have given it a great deal of thought since it could be the case if this next cycle doesn’t work. Our RE office has given us information on a couple companies to get loans through. I’m sure we won’t qualify for a grant or anything like that. My husband is planning on talking to his grandparents and either seeing if they will pay or give us a loan.

    Try googling Glow First. I use the Glow app for tracking fertility stuff and there is something they do that they call “crowd funding for babies.” I’m not sure of all the details but it seems like you pay $50/month for it. Again, sorry, I don’t know how it works exactly!

  3. There are lots of medical financing companies out there to help with payment. I’ve used one to purchase sperm and Meds in the past. If we have to do more than one round of ivf we too will have to finance it. They can approve you within 24 hours and get the loan ready within a few weeks. Good luck

  4. I’m no help here because we pay totally out of pocket, but wanted to say I sympathize with your worries for sure. I hate spending money and forking out that much took me a LONG time to wrap my head around. Maybe you’ll get a decent tax return and can put that towards it? That’s what we ended up doing.

  5. We are taking out loan that specializes in fertility loans only to pay for our donor cycle. We are using a money back guarantee program so if we don’t bring home a baby, we’ll get our money back.

  6. We’re self pay. For the first cycle we paid using our savings. Second cycle we took out a line of credit. Third cycle was a bit of the line of credit and a small lump sum from an inheritance. All told 3 cycles about 60 K out of pocket. We’re in canada so no grants and since it’s considered non essential it’s not covered by province.

    Thanks for asking. I always wonder how other people do it too. It’s been spread out over 3 years for us with FETs in between, but I always wonder if other people also get the same panicky feeling of being financially behind their peers that I have, e.g. not having the same security because we ‘bit’ into our future?

  7. You know, the cost was probably one thing that mad my husband hesitant about IVF. Once he agreed we would try, he was all in. Our total fertility costs were about $50k. This includes 4 IUIs and a 2-fresh 2-frozen IVF package plus all meds. We have no insurance and refused help from family. We paid everything out of pocket and financed about $15k. We are fortunate and blessed to be expecting now. And looking back, it is worth every single penny. Good luck!!

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