I have my protocol and calendar!

Thanks for all of your tips! I had a great convo with one of the nurses and am so excited!
On 1/16 I have my baseline ultrasound and injections class. If all is well at my baseline, I’ll start injections that evening. Eeep!

For now, I’m going on a blended protocol of 225 units of Bravelle and 150 units of Menopur for 9-12 days. The dosages may be changed depending on my antral follicle count.

I’ll start my antagonist (Centrocide because my clinic was able to snatch 5 samples for me!) 5-7 days after starting the injections and trigger whenever my body is ready!

She’s anticipating ER between 1/27 – 1/29 and I’m probably going to insist on only transferring Day 5 embryo(s). Hubster is going to look into that. The nurse said they are totally fine with that, if that’s what we want. Just gotta make sure we’re willing to risk not transferring if none make it to 5 days. What do you think?

Progesterone supplements starts at ER and goes through 10 weeks of pregnancy. I choose shots or vag/oral and I’m thinking shots after hearing all your vag suppositories horror stories.

I was planning on doing all of my monitoring here in NorCal, but now I’m thinking about staying in San Diego for the 3+ weeks. It depends on work though. I’m also going to see if I can telecommute for at least a few days so I can minimize the amount of time off I’ll be taking. But we’ll see.
What else? Oh the embryologist will call with daily updates so we know how any embie(s) we may get are progressing. I love that!

Oh and we’ll be in constant contact about my stims and we’ll be included in all decisions. Probably all standard practice, but I still likey. A lot.

And the best news? They don’t prescribe bedrest and will let me decide if I’m up for running. Just no yoga.

So, all you IVF vets, what do you think? I feel super naive right now. 

17 thoughts on “I have my protocol and calendar!

  1. No personal opinion on the 5 day vs 3 day transfer, since my clinic generally only does 5 day to minimize risk of high degree multiples, and we were fortunate to have several 5 day blasts. I had to do both and while the shots were less icky they are more time consuming and i still have bumps left at 6 weeks after stopping injections. Interesting on no yoga, did they explain why?? I continued yoga until my ovaries are too swollen to be comfortable, i think day 8 of stims.

  2. Eeek! Personally having done day 3 we will only now do day 5. Such better implantation chances and naturally embryos have self selected. Its a tough choice though! Exciting!!

  3. Personally, the vag suppositories SUCK but I would much rather do them than PIO shots. In fact, my dr. wanted me to do PIO shots for my upcoming frozen transfer and I pushed back as I would rather do crinone. My husband will be traveling for 2-3 weeks prior to the transfer and I have heard the PIO shots are hard to give to yourself.

    As far as the exercise stuff, I was told no running/jumping/twisting/etc. because of ovarian torsion. I decided to stay safe I would just walk. There is no support structure for your ovaries and they get to be very big with the stims.

  4. I used the vaginal suppositories and while they were kinda gross, I preferred that over the idea of a needle in my butt every day. We also transferred 5 day embryos for the same reasons others mentioned, but I have also heard the argument that the best place to grow is in your body – my suggestion would be to go one day at a time with that decision and see how they are growing. My clinic didn’t prescribe bed rest per say, but did suggest taking it easy for a couple of days and told me no running during sims. I may have been able to run during pregnancy had I had been expecting twins πŸ™‚

  5. I did a day 2 transfer on the cycle I got pregnant with my first baby. My RE felt that day 2 transfers stressed the embryos less and that they would have a better chance of survival in the womb. I understand that there are varying opinions on that as my first RE held pretty firmly to the 5 day transfer belief. But I felt good about a day 2 transfer and praise God, it worked! πŸ™‚

    Best wishes for your IVF!! It’s all so exciting albeit nerve wracking. πŸ™‚

  6. My RE only did 3 day transfers unless you had a lot of embryos (like more than 8 or something like that) that were great looking. She told me that there is really not a big difference between transferring Day 3 vs Day 5 and to remember your womb is the natural home for the embryos so the sooner they went in the better. πŸ™‚ I also did vaginal suppositories. I did the pills (Endometrin) and I had minimal discharge Could not even feel anything when it happened. Just used a pantyliner. If you use the Crinone (cream) you have to clean yourself out every few days because of the buildup. I never did the shots, but I had friends who did and all I can tell you is they had a LOT of pain in the injection sites. Best of luck! How exciting!!

    • Yeah, the womb being more natural is kind of our big sticking point and the only reason to consider a day 3 transfer. And thanks for a positive suppository story! The nurse said I can switch to them from shots anytime so it’s good to know that it’s not that terrible an option if the shots get too bad.

  7. The shots really aren’t that bad, and my clinic believes they are better, so good choice on that. As for transferring before 5 days… I’d say wait to make the decision until you know how the embryos are growing. My clinic doesn’t allow the patient to decide, they do a 3-day transfer if you have less than 6 eggs retrieved I believe. And there is a lot of data that shows 3 day transfers can be very successful!

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