3 days to go…


Well crap. I’m so excited! I just saw the countdown is at 3 days! I’ve been busy trying to wrap up a house project  (cleaning out/reorganizing our storage guest room) and finalizing plans for my trip down to SoCal!

With dramatic colors, a queen sized bed, 2 dressers and a big, clunky desk our decent-sized guestroom felt cluttered and overwhelming. Oh and all of the old mail, magazines, cards, presents, clothes, dog toys, extra linens and basic crap you accumulate in 6 years didn’t help much either. Lol.

Since pinterest came along, I’ve been dying to redo the whole room-down to repainting the whole thing! And once we decided to go ahead with ivf, I have majorly started nesting. Because no matter what, whether it be through ivf or adoption, children finally seem within our reach! And since I fully intend on one of our moms coming to stay with us when our newborn arrives, I made it my mission to fix up the guestroom and also turn it into a simple home office to get rid of our random printer in the family room and desk in the living room. The only furniture we have in there is the queen sized bed and a simple desk from the living room. Soon we’ll also have a 9-cube bookcase organizer with 4 fabric bins I ordered and one nightstand. And I’m looking into new closet “doors” because the gold framed mirrored sliding doors are killing me. The only problem is they are floor to ceiling and we need 3. (Read: EXPENSIVE) I’ll post a picture once it’s complete. However, it’s already looking so much better and I don’t feel like I need to repaint anymore. Phew!

We are 2 days out from flying down south and our living room/entryway still look like an episode of Hoarders. But as long as we work hard on trashing what we need to, I’m confident we can find/make new homes for the rest of the crap stuff from that room.

Oh and I finally took a pic of my “baby drawer” in the dresser in what will be our nursery. I’m comfortable now admitting that I have one.


If you notice, most of it is pink because I really, really want a little girl, but there are boys’ items in the plastic bag for just in case lol!

Ok, back to this week. I’ve also been putting together an ivf organizer in a binder with blank daily planner sheets (for appointments, shots, etc.), a medicine inventory list so I always know how much of which meds I have/need, my treatment protocol (along with additional blank pages in case of changes), a tax write-off worksheet (did you know certain travel expenses can be written off?!?), our couple’s retreat guide from our therapist and the manual our clinic published. Am I missing anything?

I’ve ALSO been working on a new blog that will be shared with close family and friends that will chronicle every step of the way. It will be our journal for this process and I figured this would be the best way to update everyone. Yes, we shared with more people than most. Both our parents and all of our siblings make up the “family” portion and since all of my close girlfriends are basically my “best friends,” I’ve told all of them. But only the ones who have asked for updates will be given the link. And, of course, any of you who want it can email me and I’ll send it to you as well.

Hmm let’s see…oh my first shipment of meds have been ordered and should arrive at my parents-in-law’s house sometime today. I was not about to waive the signature requirement for these bad boys and they’re retired, so, you know…lol. I’m really really excited about that. Just nervous to pack my sharps in carry-on luggage.

We secured a dog sitter we can trust while my big boy continues to slowly recover from knee surgery, I’ve secured a backup shot-giver by the name of Stupid Stork (I was going to say “booty shooter” but reallycouldbe taken a totally different way, which is so not the point of this trip lol) and my mommy deposited a giant chunk of money into our checking account. The loan will be put into our account today and we’ll make our $15k payment (they gave us 10% off for being totally self-pay) to our clinic tomorrow.

I have 3 packing lists going – 1 for this weekend, 1 for my drive down (which will include Hubster’s fishing gear lol) and 1 for Hubster’s flight a few days later. 

Soooo…I cautiously declare that I think I’m ready! Other than the fact that I’m still getting over bronchitis and am disappointed that I have only been able to workout for 30 minutes 2x in 4 weeks. I take that back. I did complete an easy 2-hour hike (time really flew with a good friend adorably silly toddler) with Belle almost 2 weeks ago (waaahhh I miss you so much!) but with my eating during the holidays, I really wish I got to run and workout more than that! So much for losing 10 pounds before I start injections.

16 thoughts on “3 days to go…

  1. I am sooooo excited for you! Been thinking about y’all non-stop. Do send the link to the new blog so I can stalk your journey. You should be pleased to know that Jay and I are eagerly scheming ways to move to SF next so sit tight – regular long walks with Sabine and I might be in your future!xoxo

  2. Sounds like you’re all organized and ready to go! Hope that everything goes well for you and that you’ll be able to use those things in the baby drawer very soon!!

  3. Hey look I’m on your phone! 🙂

    Sounds like you are ready. I’m so excited for you! I would love the new link when you get it up and running.

  4. So incredibly close. My heart is so full knowing you’re on your way. I love you and will be sending SO much baby dust. Send me the link to the new blog. Xoxoxox

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