IVF Day 2

So. It seems the days are all flying by!

Here’s a quick update:
My baseline yesterday morning was slightly disappointing, but overall a good experience. Five days after stopping BCP’s, my lining was 8.54 and I had 9 total antral follicles. 6 on the left, 3 on the right. I started meds that same night (225 iu Bravelle & 150 iu Menopur) and forgot to ice. That s burned like a mutha! So I reminded Hubster to jab me quick, but inject slowly and made a note to self to ice first.

This afternoon I noticed some bloating and slight cramping on my left side that resembled ovulation pain and got super freaked out about ovulating early. I know I didn’t because the nurse would have noticed large follicles at the ultrasound the previous day, but I was reminded that I usually O around CD10-12 on Clomid. Even on days 5-9, I only O’ed on CD14 because of the trigger shot. So I emailed the clinic to see if I need to come in before my 5th day of shots (10th day of no BCP) for an ultrasound. What do you all think?

Might be safe though, because tonight’s shot was was worse, but also better lol. We accidentally left the house at 7:30 p.m. to drop my sister off at home (about 25 mins away) and had an errand to run on the way. Unfortunately we realized we’d miss my 8 p.m. shot time when we were nearing her area so we were about 2 hours late with my second shot.

Now I’m putting an alarm in my phone to check in with myself at 6 p.m. so I know I won’t miss another 8 p.m. needle poke. I suck. My beautiful IVF planner I made for myself has gone largely untouched and I pretty much missed my 2nd dose of meds.

I’m not feeling as excited/hopeful as I was this morning…

8 thoughts on “IVF Day 2

  1. The doctors know what they are doing! They wouldn’t have you start an IVF cycle without knowing what should potentially happen, even if you stopped BCP 5 days ago. They know that!
    As for being a couple of hours late, I honestly don’t think it will mess things up. You got it done, just do the rest on time. I am sure I missed some of my times too.

    I remember being told (by whom, I can’t remember) that the first IVF is sort of exploratory, an experiment, if you will. Sure, everyone hopes that it is successful, but if it isn’t, they know a bit more about what works and doesn’t work. IVF is part science and part our wonky bodies! (That last bit was just said by me.)

    Wishing you the best of this cycle. Don’t count it a failure yet! You’re just starting!

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