Injections suck, but I am surviving. My day 5 ultrasound was good – I had a total of 10 follicles between 5-13mm and lining was 7mm. I increased my Menopur and started the Cetrotide last night.

Today I am a wreck waiting for my day 7 ultrasound. I have no bloating. I feel normal, not like the big hen I should feel like. Send positive juju please!

11 thoughts on “Update

  1. I remember being worried because I wasn’t “feeling” much either – don’t worry about it! I think everyone responds differently and although we all want reassurance that things are going on in there, be thankful you are one of the few that gets away without all the discomfort and bloat!

  2. All is going great for you! I definitely have the bloat but no emotional symptoms or headaches. Keep up the great work!

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