Bloat and other issues

Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve got things going on in my abdomen. I woke up this morning feeling incredibly full and my tummy has rounded out. I went to the bathroom and peed forever, but it actually didn’t help at all. Which kind of sucks because we’re going to the beach today and doing a sea cave tour. I hate wearing a bathing suit when I’m bloated.

Also, I’m ridiculously horny right now. Like I jumped my husband as soon as we came through the door from picking him up from the airport. And had the craziest sex dreams last night. But I’m so uncomfortable now there’s no way I’m having sex. Ugh!

So let me change the subject and fill you in on what’s happening. After our Baseline in SoCal last weekend, Hubster and I flew home so we could pack my pilot up with all the stuff we imagined we might need for 2-3 weeks. I drove back down Tuesday night, gave myself an injection, unpacked and went to sleep.

Wednesday I had a Day 5 ultrasound which showed great growth! 10 follicles total, between 10-13mm! I was told to increase my Menopur to 225iu (1 more vial) and start the Cetrotide on Thursday evening. After my ultrasound, Jenny and her IVF miracle arrived to keep me company, shot up with meds and outta trouble.

Thursday I went to acupuncture and loved my new acupuncturist! She assured me the clinic treated infertility at least 5x per day and was super positive, enthusiastic and actually seemed excited for me! I felt great afterwards. Until we went to dinner and noticed how flat my stomach was looking. I attributed it to all of the planking I have been doing, but the next morning I realized I no longer felt the least bit bloated.

Cue the panicked post I wrote in the waiting room. While I was initially disappointed with that visit, Jenny helped to remind me that is was actually a great one. I had 12 follicles between 6-14mm and possibly triggering Monday or Tuesday, which means time for the little follicles to catch up. AND there were 2 more follicles. So I could potentially have at least 10 eggs retrieved. Of course, I would love that number to be 20 or 30, my clinic wants to see 10. I guess because of something like quality over quantity? Lol

So, really, I’m happy with my progress and trying not to think about my next check in on Monday. Like my mom keeps reminding me, keep an open mind and try not to have expectations. So I’m going to just continue enjoying my time down here while I’m physically up for it, go to acupuncture and see what Mr. Wandy shows us on Monday.

9 thoughts on “Bloat and other issues

  1. Hey darling, hang in there. My experience with the menapur tells me that you may get a big growth at the end right before triggering. I cannot tell you hoe many of my IUI cycles got cancelled because I had too much last minute growth and too many follicles ready. you don’t have to worry about that piece of it. It will be fine. Hang in there. Sending you lots of love and thoughts for a full basket belly (that’s what I felt like at full cycle on Menapur…. Like I was carrying a full basket of eggs on Easter. So uncomfortable, but worth it!

  2. I can almost feel the excitement, anxiety, fear, and anticipation from here! I love you and am so happy to be a part of this journey you’re on. This is happening, you’re in it. Try to be present. Love you!

  3. That sounds like a great number of eggs! I personally would never want to grow 20-30 at a time simply because of OHSS. I was in enough pain with the follicles I grew. (I think I had around 14 but not all good sized). I hope you enjoyed going to the beach! That sounds fun. šŸ™‚

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