Almost time to trigger!

I just left my RE’s office and have 11 follicles within range to be mature at retrieval (13-21mm), with 6 smaller ones (8-12mm). My lining is at 13mm so I can technically trigger tonight, but we’re hoping that another day will give silver of those other follies a chance at maturing. My e2 level on friday was 999, so really trigger depends on that.

They’ll let me know in a few hours if I should trigger tonight or go in for another ultrasound tomorrow. I’m torn. Part of me wants to get this show on the road and not have to buy more Bravelle and Cetrotide, but of course, a bigger part wants to wait to trigger until tomorrow. So either way I guess, I’m ok! Which is a great place to be at this point lol!

We were supposed to go on a kayaking cave tour yesterday, but that got rescheduled to today because of high surf. But today’s got rescheduled to tomorrow because of rain & high surf. So now we’ll spend the afternoon in the beach- me reading and Hubster surf fishing. I’m looking forward to relaxing out there. Yesterday I relaxed by napping lol!

I’m still having a hard time sitting still as I’m feeling more pudgy each day and I didn’t get to lose the 5-10 lbs I wanted to before starting stims due to bronchitis and asthma issues. But I’m getting better at accepting possibly not starting a pregnancy at my ideal body weight. It could be worse. So I’m cutting down my intense walking a bit and haven’t planked today lol. It’s just so frustrating because it was so within reach! I hate when things out of my control ruin my plans- especially because the BIGGEST plan of my life has been changed so dramatically.

Oh well, I’m used to it. I’ll survive lol.

6 thoughts on “Almost time to trigger!

  1. So exciting – hope it all comes together for you. Oh and i am jealous of the beach relaxing scenario you find yourself in. Im at work, its hot and humid and the only place i want to be is in the water!

  2. So when did you trigger? And when is retrieval? I think we are on same schedule! I retrieve tomorrow (Wed) afternoon. But with far fewer eggs.

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