I heart acupuncture!

Today was a fantastic day, which I credit to acupuncture. Hubster and I woke up and kind of laid around for awhile. Then puttered around before drinking our Embryo-Transfer-Prep smoothies while I wore warm, fuzzy socks. It includes spinach, frozen pineapple, Brazil nuts, blueberries, orange, carrot, flax seeds and Chia seeds. Super yummy!


Then we started to get ready for the day (acupuncture, a stroll on the beach and dinner with my longtime family friends. When I say “longtime,” I’m talking this couple used to babysit my sister and I when we were maybe 5-7 years old?) when we got our daily update from the embryologist. 

On Day 2, they should be at 2-4 cells, with minimal fragmentation. Currently, 1 is 5-cell already, 2 are 4-cells, 4 are 3-cells and 1 hasn’t divided yet, but may divide by tomorrow. All are fair quality with min-moderate frag. The first part was VERY exciting, but I was disappointed the the grading and that were fragmenting a little more than they like to see. I thought they were going to be over-achievers in every way! Then Hubster brought me back down to earth by reminding me that we’re the parents. Lololol! AND asked what the grading actually meant. So I felt better saying that it doesn’t always mean much. Well, to be honest, I only felt a little better.

Anyway, acupuncture was our first stop out and I told my acupuncturist about my bloating, mild constipation and extreme gassiness from ER. She immediately started pressing very tender spots on my legs and poking the needles into them while asking about my fert report. I finally stopped her to ask what the tender spots were and she said they were for digestion. I laughed! I took a nice nap and when I woke up my tummy felt a little funny, but I noticed I was really relaxed and excited about our embabies’ development.

Then I met Hubster outside and reminded him we needed more gauze pads and went to Rite Aid to get some. Then I told him I desperately needed to pee so I went to the restroom and patiently waited for it to become vacant. FYI-Here’s where some TMI comes in.

Hubster came to find me and was going to check out when I told him I was still waiting in line, but I grabbed his arm and told him to stand still. All of a sudden I could feel my bowel was ready for a movement! Every time the feeling came on almost unbearably strong, I clenched his arm and held on tight. Finally I was able to go into this nasty restroom and release it all. I don’t think I’ve ever peed that long in my life (and I have a huge bladder from years of laziness) or had such a large bowel movement. Ever. But I felt freaking fantastic afterward, with only a little discomfort from my engorged ovaries.

Which meant our walk along the beach was easy and pleasant and I got to meet up with our family friends without feeling like a hippo. AND when you’re not bloated, you actually feel like eating, so I fully satisfied my craving for pizza at Pieology- a build- your-own (think Chipotle for pizza) place. And, had a few bites of 6 different desserts. 😂

And PIO shots go way better when you’re leaving over a box full of desserts and spend the shot planning the order in which you’re going to nibble on them!

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