It’s all HER fault!

Well, the Stupid Stork has caused all kinds of trouble again. My dear friend insisted I pee on a stick while I gobbled down my Chipotle this afternoon at her house. Luckily, her hubby thought to look at the expiration date and sure enough, it was waaaay expired. Phew. I thought I dodged a bullet.

Til she found another one that was not old. So I drank some water and peed on the stick. At 4dp5dt.

And it was a faint positive!

BUUUUT (BIG but here)

I didn’t test out my trigger. So Hubster wants me to wait til my beta (Friday, the 13th) but does he KNOW ME AT ALL?! The best I can do is wait til Monday. 😂😂😂😂

But, really, I’m glad for the excuse she gave me. Peeing on ALLLL THE THINGS is all I could think about all morning.
Different symptoms starting today:
1. Intense pinching and mild-moderate cramping off and on
2. SO thirsty (I drank at least 80oz of water today)
3. Strong fluttering waaay down there. Almost the electric jolts I’ve had with CP’s before, but not that intense.

In other news, I am home now and am happily getting comfy in bed while Hubster unpacks. I feel bad for not helping him, but I am so tired. And I drove 6.5 out of our 8 hour drive home. So there.

In other, other news, I think I lost weight since I traveled down south 3 weeks ago! I am 2-3lbs lighter than I usually am at night. Yay!

OK, goodnight. I’ll fill you in when I know more. No pic, don’t feel like trying. Been there, done that, amirite?

12 thoughts on “It’s all HER fault!

  1. Hope in a few days it’s darker and you know it’s real. If you can wait until Wednesday I think you’d get a much more accurate result though, God knows I never waited lol. Hope this is it for you guys I really do!

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