I’m a POAS addict and I do NOT want help

Funny story: I work for our state’s Drug Medi-Cal program. My living is earned by traveling the state to monitor the rehab facilities billing this program. So the treatment of substance use disorders is very important to my tight-knit group of coworkers.

Also, a few know of my recent IVF cycle and subsequent POAS addiction. One sweet coworker asked if they need to put together a treatment plan for said addiction but I said no thank you, I rather enjoy it. And I do!

This was yesterday’s at around 1:30 p.m.


Here is my 1st stick I peed on at work

I did end up doing my blood test this morning and I’m dying! It has now been 3 hours since my draw and I just started checking for the result online about every 10 minutes. As Stupid Stork put it, I am basically having a series of tiny heart attacks waiting for news. I have gotten through a LOT of my work, but even that isn’t distracting me enough.

So I peed on another stick lol.


That’s for you, RainbowCatcher!

29 thoughts on “I’m a POAS addict and I do NOT want help

  1. My first test had such a faint positive, I had about 3 people check it for me…the next day it was dark enough that I had no doubts. Testing early is risky but man oh man, the thrill of that super faint line can totally be worth it. (I ended up buying 7 different brands of pee sticks, including the ridiculously expensive digital one just so I could FINALLY have a positive after all those years of wasted negatives lol)

  2. Haha, YAY!!!!!
    I still have the pee stick from when I found out I was pregnant with Bruce. It’s sitting in the bathroom drawer šŸ™‚
    Just so you know, I am doing a happy dance for you right now!

  3. Hi, I don’t know if you remember me but I have been following you silently for a long time… I am too excited not to comment on this so … YAY!!! I hope you have a good beta!

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