Beta #1 = 82

I’m still in shock.

50 thoughts on “82

  1. I stayed in a state of shock until at least 15 or 16 weeks with Bruce. After that we transitioned to something more like wonder.
    This little one is sticking–we finally had our miracle and I just have to believe this is yours.

      • Sorry I realize my two comments are confusing! I don’t know if you have read my blog but I am having a singleton pregnancy, with a very faint line and a low-ish first beta at 15dpo (83), a low rise so I had to have another beta, but saw a healthy baby at my sonogram at 8 weeks (waiting on my 12 week scan next week). My first pregnancy was with my twins, high first beta at 12dpo (72) and had two big healthy babies who are now toddlers sleeping (?) upstairs. 82 is a good number! Either way it is a good number 🙂 🙂 I really hope you have a good rise!

      • Yes! Well I used to read it. Been wanting to get back to it and Sarah was just updating me on what’s happening with you! Congrats on the new pregnancy. I totally got your other comments. 😉

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