When will *waiting* get easier?

How, as a longtime Infertile, have I not learned patience? I was hoping that indulging in my POAS addiction would help in the waiting for the results of my 2nd beta, but while seeing that darkening line gave me a small thrill, I simply can.not.do.my.work (inside joke with Hubster) this morning! I can’t.

And even though my paranoias have subsided (I gratefully had quite a large bowel movement this morning, which means I can forgo the laxative I planned on taking. However, that “empty” feeling after my poop left me wondering if my embaby/ies fell out), I’m still anxious! I keep checking my online patient chart, my newest pee stick in my desk drawer (taken about an hour ago) and the clock.

Sigh. Guess I’ll look at my pee stick some more, then I’m off to lunch with my best coworker friends! Then I’m calling the damn doctor’s office!

For your (my) viewing pleasure:


I'm so gross and I don't care. Pee is EVERYWHERE!

5 thoughts on “When will *waiting* get easier?

    • I don’t find it gross, but apparently it is so there’s my disclaimer. 😉 Even Hubster liked seeing the changes daily so he’s finally on board with my peeing on everything in sight! 😂🙈😳

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