The Happy Dances may commence!

I am technically 6w4d today and our ONE little ducky is measuring exactly that. The heartbeat was easily found and when I held my breath it was measured at 119 bmp. The first measurement was 114 so I was ecstatic when she did it again and got the higher number.

Hubster is slowly getting over his disappointment over only 1 baby, but I’m beyond thrilled. Twins would have been wonderful, but that brings on a whole new set of anxieties that I’m glad to not have.

I’m still in shock that we have a real life baby growing inside of me, Hubster not so much. His exact words were, “we’ve known for weeks.” Ahhh I wish I had been that sure. I feel even more optimistic, but know we’re not out of the woods. I should have had my last US with my RE next week, but we won’t be making the 400+ mile trip to the clinic anymore. We’ve graduated to my OB early.

Please keep growing, baby!

And here are the pics:


The card from my RE's office



The beautiful hb is on the bottom


Our little ducky is between the 2 white dots!

31 thoughts on “WE HAVE A HEARTBEAT!

  1. Yay! You are so right, twins bring a whole new set of worries (and excitement, but lots of worries and risks), but he is entitled to be a little disappointed if he had his heart set on both implanting. Hearing the heartbeat is incredibly exciting, congratulations on your healthy baby! I have been waiting with baited breath all day checking for updates from you guys. I was getting worried that you may have bad news, but I am thrilled to see that everything looked great.

  2. I have been told, “You don’t want twins. That’s a high risk pregnancy.” As I age, I’m already at a high risk. Although it would be cool to have twins.

  3. Yeah!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!! And, I cannot believe you are even contemplating sex haha I wanted nothing to do with my husband…some days I still don’t…so so happy for you!!!

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