It’s starting to become more real

Everyday I’m super nauseous and feeling icky. Oh and seeing my GIANT baby and her/his fluttering heart on the US monitor on Monday was SO amazing. Hearing the heartbeat (171bpm) was beautiful, but something about seeing that flutter is what made it so real!


Monday we had our intake with the OB department and my doctor was sweet enough to start the appointment off with an US. They’re not usually done this early but since I was an IVF patient, they made exceptions. Their count has me 1 day later than my RE’s office, but since baby measured ahead by 3 days, I’m sticking with my original date. Which makes me 7w6d today. Cray!

So I decided to purchase my first maternity clothes! Well, no, not because I was really believing I’m pregnant. It’s more because I can’t fit most of my clothes. THIS is because it’s feeling more real:


I hope I didn’t jinx it!

20 thoughts on “It’s starting to become more real

      • It’s okay to not be okay with the nausea. πŸ™‚ It sucks! I had hyperemesis gravidarium last week, lost 7 pounds, violently puked everything I ate or drank. I was not grateful for that, I hated every minute of it. I thought I was going to end up in the ER or worse. But I’m grateful for good meds, and I’m grateful that it finally stopped and I don’t need those meds anymore. And I’m grateful that my babies are doing well. But I cannot wait until my normal appetite returns and I can enjoy food and plan meals again!

      • Yes, those stories are exactly what I think of every night when I go to bed. I’m grateful to not have it that bad and can survive what I’m feeling of you ladies can survive that! So glad you’re getting better. I look forward to enjoying food again too!!!!

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