Pregnancy Brain

Is my excuse for being absent! I literally forgot about this blogosphere until Izzy texted me requesting demanding an update lol!

So here I go:
Morning all-day sickness has hit with a vengeance. But I don’t actually vomit. Well, except for the 4 days I threw up as I brushed my teeth. Lucky for me, that has passed and I only spend 1-2 minutes dry-heaving as I spit and rinse my mouth. Every morning.

Keeping that nausea at bay has become my sole focus and pretty much a full time job that I work at least 60 hours a week at. It gets worse as the day wears on and if I’ve tricked my body into not being sick all day, I pay for it at night. Take yesterday as an example: I felt ok to great all day and started getting tired around 2 p.m. When I got home from work, I laid down for a nap. I had about an hour and 15 minutes until Hubster was due to arrive home and all hell would break loose (one of my darling furbabies ALWAYS barks like a mad woman when we get home!) and I wanted to take advantage. Sleep never came.

I got up, felt a little queasy and reached for my box of cheerios and my bottle of water. (Miraculously I was able to drink water yesterday!) After just a few minutes I felt fine again and ate dinner. A frozen chicken burrito and then Hubster made me a fried egg on toast when he got home. I still felt fine. And I was HAPPY! That was the first meal I had eaten all day. Prior to that it was water, cheerios, and string cheese. All day.

Then it was time to get ready for our big night out- a book launch party for one of my besties and a super fun concert. That’s when I started feeling really fatigued. Then nauseous. It was so bad and hit me like a semi. So I had to cancel and go to bed. It was so depressing and still is today.

But, I’m 8w6d pregnant and I wouldn’t give that up for anything in the world. I know it sounds like I’m complaining about being sick, but I promise you I’m not. I hate it and I’m miserable, but it is such a blessing. And honestly, I’m just more amazed at the strength and endurance of a woman’s body. To be able to feel this bad and continue to keep going after such a lack of nourishment is truly amazing.

So that’s where I’m at. I start my last bottle of PIO tonight (WOOOOOHOOOOO) and have an US next Monday. Then no more until the NT scan. I can’t believe that’s less than a month away. Because it’s rapidly approaching, I’ve been thinking about our announcement photos and debating on doing them or not. I was thinking about posting a warning when I got 13 weeks saying something like, “Trigger post coming next week. If you understand this, feel free to unfollow me now. If you don’t, you are probably safe!” Haha!

But seriously, I know a few FB friends reached out when I “came out” on FB years ago and haven’t kept up with most of them, but they haven’t posted pics of new babies so I don’t know where they’re at in their journeys. So I dunno. I have time to decide because I know I don’t want to do it right at 13 weeks. Maybe closer to 16? Hubster said I was crazy when I proposed 20 weeks so I guess I’ll do it before then. If I do. We’ll see.

One step at a time…

21 thoughts on “Pregnancy Brain

  1. All I could eat my first trimester was ice cream and my midwife said, “First trimester eat WHATEVER you can…just eat!” And she gave me permission to only eat ice cream. So I did. So between now and week 13 eat whatever your heart desires!

  2. So sorry you’re so sick all the time. I know week 8 was hellacious for me. I’ve been pretty good since that round of extreme nausea subsided, I’ve just thrown up a couple of times. Last night, I projectile vomited my entire dinner in an impressive display in front of my husband. We were just suprised I actually made it in the toilet with the kind of air I was getting. Lol, sorry for the TMI! I’m roughing it today, but holding down food with a healthy appetite, so I think I’m on the up and up.

    We’re planning on doing some announcement photos and sharing on facebook around 12.5-13 weeks since I already have a good-sized bump. My facebook is very private, and only includes close family and close friends. I don’t know exactly how I’ll phrase it, but I intend on mentioning our struggle in the announcement and offering hope for anyone still going through infertility. I know I have a cousin and a couple of friends who struggle with infertility, and I’m not trying to be insensitive, but other people’s announcements never bothered me too much.

    • OMG! Hahaha! I’m so glad I haven’t projectile vomited, though my hubby would probably be thoroughly amused and impressed lol! Yeah, I’ve heard week 8 is the worst so I’m hoping it gets better soon. You have to share your FB announcement on your blog too. Can’t wait to see it! In the caption I’m planning on writing, “2 months shy of 4 years I have prayed, wished and longed for this. But it’s still so surreal.” And we’ll probably do the announcement pic with our 3 dogs welcoming their human in Oct. 2015. 😊

  3. Sorry for the nausea, it isn’t fun. And it truly is something to talk about, that isn’t really complaining. Even it is does end up being complaining, it is your blog and how you are feeling.

    With my first, I think I was at least 12-13 weeks before I said anything. And then it was a word picture that I drew:
    O b V u E n N (bun in the OVEN).
    And the first comment said something about our struggle. Although, I had posted a year or so before about our struggle up till then and started sometimes positing IF articles. So people knew.
    This time, I waited until 21/22 weeks to announce on FB. And even then, it was only a picture of me holding a mylar balloon that said “it’s a girl”. Since then, I’ve hardly posted anything about pregnancy. I just don’t feel the need to announce it all on FB. You will figure out what to do and how.

    • Thank you. I’m still going back and forth. I think I might do announcement pics to send to friends and family that don’t know already and then eventually it’ll come out on FB. Like probably with baby shower pics lol! We’ll see!

  4. We actually posted an adorable announcement. We took pictures at hubby’s fire department with a onesie that said “little hero” with a fire truck on it and it said Tiny (our last name) On Duty December 2014. I realized when we were taking the pictures that it was the first fun pregnancy thing we’d done-and it was our 6th pregnancy. You deserve this. When I posted it, I wrote something like “after a long journey with more than a few heartbreaks, we are are so happy to announce that we are expecting a little one this Christmas!” A lot of people know our story and while I understand that announcements can be difficult, you shouldn’t have to apologize for something you worked so hard for. I was more careful to make sure I wasn’t complaining about symptoms and posting a bunch of belly pictures. We announced on father’s day, I think it was 13 weeks. Hubby had worn a “Never fear, dad is here” shirt to church that morning 🙂

  5. Unisom is over the counter and a total life saver for the nausea. I had terrible morning sickness, Zofran (the prescription drug) didn’t even touch it, but Unisom allowed me to sleep without feeling like crap and seemed to take the edge off. Might be worth a try!
    As for FB announcing, if it is something meaningful to you and your husband you should totally do it and have fun with it. People will appreciate your sensitivity but should also be happy for your success!

  6. Dude! You are entitled to complain the all day sickness is AWFUL. I prayed for the ability to vomit it probably would have made it feel so much better. Even though it feels a million years away you are mere weeks away from the BLESSED second trimester when you will feel as close to normal as possible.

    And I think infertiles should do announcements. My logic is we freaking earned it – do all the fun mommy things because we looked forward to them so much. And if you want to be sensitive to other infertiles just put something in your announcement about how hard it was, how blessed you feel, how much you want to impregnate a lot of other women with you (because it’s more sensitive but also you can educate some fertiles who think this shit just happens at the drop of a hat). I love you and I want you to enjoy every minute.

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