Baby is alive and KICKIN!

OMG! Every US gets more and more amazing. Baby is GIANT (measuring 5 days ahead) still at 9w3d and such a wiggle-worm. It was amazing to see the whole body move, then hands and feet going all over the place. My doctor is sweet and let us watch for awhile before I remembered to ask Hubster to record it. Then he let us watch/record until I said I was done. I could have watched s/he kick and punch all day and all night though.

Ok. I’m feeling a lot better about this pregnancy now. I know I’m not out of the woods yet, but I just have this feeling s/he is here for the long haul and that is strengthened every time one of these appts works out so well.

I guess it’s time to start sharing my bumpdates. I think they’ll be on a separate page, but we’ll see.

18 thoughts on “Baby is alive and KICKIN!

  1. That’s awesome, I’ve been thinking of you guys today and hoping for a good update! I’m so excited to see my little ones tomorrow! I felt the same way at my 9 week, like God – these look so much more human and so huge compared to 7 weeks. Is this real life?! 😉

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