Wow. I always knew I was empathetic and emotional, but pregnancy hormones are no.joke. I cry for everything. I feel so much!

For those readers going through tough times, let me assure you that I have cried alongside of you. It breaks my heart, like it’s never been broken before (and I’ve done over 8 rounds of Clomid!), every time I read of your heartbreak. Even Hubster gets some major feels reading sad posts.

It’s like we’re outside of Infertility World now that I’m pregnant, but oh-so-right-there still. Failed cycles and losses happening to those of you still in the trenches all feel like they just happened to us yesterday. All the pain, terror and devastation you feel hit us like we were the ones to experience it. I know we all read these posts all the time, but please know that I’m still cheering each one of you on and praying you get your miracle so soon! Truly! I know what it’s like to be in your place. Just a couple of months ago I was one of only 4 bloggers in my original circle not yet pregnant… 3 years after starting my blog!

For those of you experiencing the unprecedented joys (and irritants) of pregnancy, I cry alongside your tears of joy from your BFPs to birth stories. They’re remarkably special to me.

I know this is a totally random post, but I just had to say something after I read this post on FB


Ugh. I’ve been there. And I immediately sobbed for this couple. I hope they get their miracle one day. Please pray for them.

And now I’ll go cry over someone doing something on my TV. Sigh.

11 thoughts on “So.many.tears.

  1. I’m not pregnant (I don’t know anyway) but ever since my last pregnancy and then losing it…I’ve been WAYYYYYYYY emotional!! I cry over everything: TV, movies, songs, commercials, stories or articles I read, etc. I guess there’s something about going through all this that brings that side out of some of us lol!! Just make sure you buy stock in tissues 😉

      • I got my shipment of Wondfos today! I’ll start testing in the morning…I just want to watch the remnants of Ovidrel leave my system, and HOPEFULLY then watch the line get darker again and tell me that my IUI worked! Amazingly, I’m feeling very calm about everything, which is really unlike me. So we’ll see!

      • Yeah when I got pregnant in September, I never had any idea that it worked that cycle. I was shocked when the test I took on a whim was positive! I’m normally a fairly high strung person, but I was extremely calm and zen while the pregnancy lasted. I’m trying not to read too much into things, I’m just hopeful that we’re lucky enough to have our first try work for us.

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