Thank you!

You are seriously the BEST, dear friends. I cannot tell you what your support has meant to me the last 3 years. I think there have been so many more hard days than not and you all stood by me and cheered me on. You encouraged me to keep going and kept your faith when […]

Going public

Ok I’ve decided to do an announcement photo on Instagram and Facebook. And I think it’s going to be adorable. I’m mostly excited, but a little bit nervous. Spring brings lots of birthday parties and baby showers and I don’t want to keep hiding to fend off questions, so I’m coming out. I think hubby […]

2nd trimester and a giant belly

It’s so surreal. And TERRIFYING because I’m planning on a baby being here in October. Since my “bump” is already ridic, I have to talk about being pregnant with EVERYONE I meet. I get excited and all caught up in my excitement, then terrified that I’ve jinxed myself. But I’m doing a much better job […]

Good NT scan and coping

I always wanted to be the person who beat infertility and welcomed pregnancy with open arms. And while part of me is like that, another part is not. I get so excited seeing my baby on the ultrasound monitor and tears slide out of the corner of my eyes out of relief and joy. But […]

One dream infertility has cost me

Running through my pregnancy. I’m an avid runner & half marathoner (only one-time marathoner bc of TTC for almost 4 years) and always envisioned being one of those crazy women running with a bump. I have always wanted to get the running shirts that say, “running for 2!” and the ones that have a baby […]

Anti-Vaxxers have terrified me!

I don’t want this to become a debate, but I just have to share (vent) about how fearful and angry I am at the anti-MMR vaccine movement. As you all know, being a parent is terrifying. Not only do you have to worry about keeping your child safe on the playground, but you have to […]