Time with my ladies & other things that make me smile

A week ago last Sunday I went on a much-needed girls’ trip for 3 days. Work has been utterly exhausting and my dependence on Hubster has reached a terrifying new level. I’m not being dramatic. I love him SO much that I cannot get enough of him. I miss him while I’m at work and then the days we don’t carpool. Oh boy, I miss him terribly. No joke. I cried waiting for his arrival one evening. He got home like 40 minutes after me. Plus, I’m sure Hubster needed a break from taking care of me.

And work. Holy S! The demands on my unit have increased so much that I would have LOVED the frenzied pace, if I were not pregnant. And in my first trimester. Trying to get my ultra-fuzzy brain to focus, PLUS get top-notch work out with decreased timelines has been a nightmare. I go home feeling nauseous and exhausted everyday, but there’s nothing I can do. Everyone, including my boss, keep telling me to take care of myself and not to work too hard, but I can’t become a slacker. I found out that Hubster has TONS of leave and will have enough to donate 2 months to me  (one of the perks of working for the State) for maternity leave, which means our baby won’t go to daycare before 6 months old-my biggest wish! Also, I’m hoping that continuing to earn my reputation for being a hard worker will help my case for telecommuting part time when I come back from maternity leave. So, I have to suffer through this pace.

But even short vacations like one my girlfriends and I went on are the lights at the end of my dark tunnels lol. We swam in the heated pool, took lovely pics of the ocean


and went on the nighttime tour of Hearst Castle!

Hmmm…I can’t remember what else I was going to write about. And I’m tired after venturing down to the gym in my hotel (yes, I’m on a business trip right now) to get my workout on. Here I am embracing my blump before working out at 11w4d:


Ok, night night.

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